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A Guide for Correct Entries in the ORB Part I – Machinery Space Operations, 4th Edition. 

This guide is designed to help ship operators correctly fill out the Oil Record Book Part I (ORB). The fourth edition has been updated to incorporate several regulatory and legislative amendments, including revisions to MARPOL 73/78.

This fourth edition of Part I of the ORB contains:

  1. a) instructions and interpretations on how to properly record all related operations as per MARPOL 73/78, Annex I, Regulation 17;
  2. b)  a list of operations to be recorded;
  3. c) frequently found failures or mistakes;
  4. d) detailed examples for all related operations

    A Guide for Correct Entries in the ORB Part II – Cargo/Ballast Operations 2nd Edition

This guide is designed to provide simple and clear advice for the proper and consistent completion of the Oil Record Book (Part II – Cargo/Ballast Operations) for oil tankers, as stipulated by Regulation 36 and Appendix III of Annex I of MARPOL 73/78.
The Guide consists of the following:

  • General requirements and instructions for making entries in the ORB Part II, as set out in Section 3;
  • List of items to be recorded in the ORB Part II, as set out in Section 4; and
  • Detailed model examples of the ORB Part II entries for commonly used cargo/ballast operations, as set out in Section 5.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers on items that either bring further clarification to examples provided in the Guide, or bring clarification on a few situations where INTERTANKO could provide an opinion but refrains from providing a guidance.