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About us

Efficient. Simplistic. Evolutionary.

As the shipping industry becomes increasingly more complex and regulated, we know that the ship operators need to choose business partners that they can rely upon. Such a partner is Poseidon Navigation Services Ltd, an ADMIRALTY Paper & Digital Distributor, under the leadership of Thomas Gunn.  After 36 years at the helm of Thomas Gunn Navigation Services Ltd, steering the company through some stormy times, always managing to bring the company back into calm waters, through good management, innovative ideas, software development, digital solutions and the retention of long term customer contracts, the company became the world’s most successful International Admiralty Chart Agent, before being sold to new owners in 2012.


Poseidon Navigation Services Ltd can provide digital & paper charts and publications, navigational equipment and our very own “Challenger” software solution to the shipping industry worldwide, based from our office in the UK and a network of trusted global affiliates who assist us in providing an international service which many large operators have come to expect.


For as long as we can remember we have matched service with quality. This interaction is crucial for longevity and successful relationships with our customers. Managing portfolios can be a complex and time consuming task for Seafarers, we take the burden so you don’t have to. Our team have refined their expertise to provide quick and reliable support which is specific to the clients needs.


As the world continues to thrive through digitalisation, we continue to develop new and innovative ideas within our software to remain efficient and the preferred supplier.


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