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Dynamic positioning systems has evolved to offer much more than vessel stability, with new technology improving navigation and vessel manoeuvering.

It started out as a computer-driven method of keeping an OSV secure in a single location, but dynamic positioning (DP) technology has evolved to offer a far broader range of functionalities. Manufacturers of bridge systems have utilised the technology to enhance navigation, collision avoidance and automated voyage decision-making.

They have also used DP systems to demonstrate remote vessel and tug technology, with expectations that this will drive new business opportunities across maritime sectors.

Kongsberg Maritime for example, has developed DP and autopilot technology into a combined navigational safety system. At the recent SMM exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, Kongsberg senior sales manager Roger Trinterud said this could be used for station keeping and advanced manoeuvring.

“We are merging navigation and DP into one system with the same software,” he explained. “It will use DP for keeping in a geographic area and then when the throttles are opened up, the autopilot will take over.”

Mr Trinterud expects this will reduce the risk of incidents because it “uses the same control software and there is no need to change control system” which is potentially a source of DP incidents. “There is a common point for controlling the engines and thrusters,” he said.

Information is fed into this system from other bridge equipment, such as….(Read More) Source:http://www.marinemec.com/news/view,advanced-dp-technology-improves-navigation-and-manoeuvring_54303.htm