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Witherbys are delighted to announce that they are now offering a ‘Ship’s Licence’ for the digital publications and flag state regulations. 

The Ship’s Licence solution is available to purchase now. 

This licence is an unrestricted network licence for shipboard use only. Any number of PCs with access to the ship’s network can now access the ship’s digital library. This removes the need to allocate a specific number of licences for each ship. This will allow easier management for our distributors and greater value for your digital clients who are looking for an affordable network solution for their eBooks. 

Which publications are available as a Ship’s Licence? 

All maritime publications currently published or distributed by Witherbys will be available as a Ship’s Licence (except those titles from the IMO). 

What is the cost of a Ship’s Licence? 

The list price of a ship’s network version is calculated at 1.5x the single user price. For example, where a single eBook is £100, the Ship’s Licence will be £150. 

Current network users on ships

Any existing user that has purchased a network version of eBooks can easily be upgraded to a Ship’s Licence.  This will occur automatically when the 1st Ship’s Licence eBook is added to Seamanship Library after 1st May 2020 and will update the ship’s 16 digit READ code to apply the new Ship’s Licence permissions to existing networked eBooks. 

Current standalone users on ships

Any current user that has purchased standalone eBooks, can easily be upgraded to a Ship’s Licence for an upgrade price. 

Are Flag State Regulations available as a Ship’s Licence? 

Yes. Flag State Regulations are available on annual subscription, saving hours of searching, indexing, checking and correcting regulations issued by the IMO and flag State authorities and will be available at the same 1.5x full price.

Can office based staff access a network digital library? 

Yes. The network solution for office based access will not change.  Access will still be available for standalone users and office networks in 5,10 and 15 user licences.

Contact our Customer Service Team should you wish to order your Ship’s Licence.