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Based on the hugely successful SOLAS LSA and SOLAS Fire Training Manuals, I.C. Brindle & Co. Ltd have released these new documents bring the recognized “industry standard” to smaller (non-SOLAS) vessels, in a similar user friendly format.

Large and Small Coded Vessel Training Manuals are ideal for:

  • non-SOLAS Commercial Vessels
  • Large Yachts complying with LY2, LY3 or RED Codes

The new Manuals include generic information concerning LSA Equipment, MOB Recovery, Abandonment, Survival, Search and Rescue, Enclosed Space Entry, Fire Principles and Theory, Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems and Equipment, and Fire Fighting Organisation and Techniques. As with the other Manuals, specific vessel details are to be entered by the operator so that when complete a Manual becomes dedicated to a specific vessel.

If you have any questions regarding this publication or would like to secure your copy, please contact our team on 01542 841245, or email info@poseidonnavigation.com