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SQE MARINE consulting company  recommends best practices to check compliance with the applicable requirements of the SOLAS Convention for the forthcoming CIC on Safety of Navigation. 

The Paris MoU jointly with Tokyo MoU and Black sea, Indian and Vina del Mar MoU will carry out this inspection campaign for a period of three months, from 1 September to 30 November 2017.

The CIC questionnaire has been recently released featuring twelve items related to SOLAS Chapter V.  Ship managers are advised to get prepared and address all items as appropriate. A safety equipment check (regarding safety of navigation items) should be performed and procedures included in SMS (or other relevant publications) to be reviewed for conformance.

Officers assigned to OOW duties should be trained and familiar as appropriate and relevant STCW certificates and or supportive documents to be updated and available on board for PSCO inspection. A self-inspection / assessment on board is recommended and training should be provided to all crew members prior entering the port of inspection during the CIC period….(Read More) Source: Safety4sea