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The Nautical Institute are providing a free Webinar this Thursday 13th May on Bridge Watchkeeping. 

You are invited to join The Nautical Institute and our panel of experts who will discuss the importance of Bridge Watchkeeping before launching the NI’s new book Bridge Watchkeeping – Third Edition. Click here to Register.

Bridge Watchkeeping – Third Edition
The book extends best practice in watchkeeping into the realms of health and wellbeing – both of which have a direct effect on safety. Factors such as reduced manning levels, rapid port turnarounds, long voyages and stress around seafarer treatment during the pandemic can all lead to fatigue.

The third edition of Bridge Watchkeeping has been completely revised, fully updated for the electronic bridge era and is thoroughly practical. 

Author Captain Mark Bull FNI covers the OOW’s tasks in logical order, highlighting potential pitfalls and ways to avoid them, from preparation for sea, pilotage and the transition from coastal to ocean navigation, to anchoring, berthing and closing down the bridge after arrival in port.