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Poseidon can announce that Brown Son & Ferguson will release the 2018 edition of their hugely popular Browns Almanac this month, which features Poseidon on the front cover.

We can now start accepting orders for this publication. Brown’s Nautical Almanac is the oldest Nautical Almanac totally produced in Britain. It is highly respected within all shipping circles and should always be to hand anywhere in the world every day throughout the year. The contents, which are updated and added to each year are full of information regularly consulted by ship builders, repairers, ship owners, marine superintendents, shipmasters, ships’ officers, harbour authorities and yachtsmen.
Brown’s Nautical Almanac is now in its 141st year of publication. The following has been extracted from the list of approximately four hundred items of contents:—
Application of Radar to Marine Navigation, Astronomical Ephemeris, Information and Tables, Boat Drill, Business and Shipping Abbreviations, Coastal Radio Stations.
Compass Adjusting, Conversion Tables, Distances between Ports, Ex-Meridian and Azimuth Tables, Foreign Ports, Tidal Constants, Fundamentals of Radio Aids to Navigation.
Helicopter Assistance, Ice Definitions, Life-saving Appliances, Lights, Buoys & Beacons of the United Kingdom, List of Gas and Oil Platforms, North Sea Etc, List of Offshore Windfarms in UK Coastal Waters.
Marine Meteorology, Nautical Tables and Methods, Notes on Tides of the World, Tables of Courses and Distances, Tables, Increments and Corrections, Weather Information for Shipping, WGS 84.

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