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For vessels using AVCS as their primary means of navigation, our Challenger software offers complete compliance with all industry regulations

, whilst offering the end users a platform for receiving ENC permits instantly. Our Route Planner offers the navigating officer the chance to plot the vessels intended route, select which admiralty products are needed for the voyage, and order any missing items by communicating directly with our server via email or direct internet connection. An approval process can be implemented if necessary, whereby an order limit is imposed on the Challenger license in which a simple Approve/Reject email is sent to shore side management if the sum total exceeds a predefined amount. Once the new permits have been received, any missing ENC data can also be downloaded using the software, removing the need for the distribution of base discs.


For more information about this service, and to get a demonstration of the software, please contact our team on +44 (0) 1542 841245 or info@poseidonnavigation.com