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We are excited to tell you that a new version of Challenger is now ready for purchase.

The newly updated Challenger platform offers a new look, continued features that offer simplicity to the end user and the additional modules available to purchase are;

Under-Keel Clearance Manager

UKC Manager™ is a Windows-based software application for predicting reduction in under-keel clearance (UKC) and safe ship speed prior to entering shallow waters and confined channels. It is designed to be used by the ship officers (and pilots) as part of their passage planning procedures to optimize payload, estimating the tidal window, to ensure safe transit speed through UKC critical areas along a planned route and to provide UKC documentation to authorities and clients, e.g. for vetting inspections.
The software is based on well-accepted theories and methods in ship and marine technologies. Validation of the program is based on a scientific procedure (ITTC, 1990).
Predicting reduction in under-keel clearance (UKC) and safe ship speed prior to entering shallow waters and confined channels.

Auto Routeing

Our newly incorporated Passage Planning module allows you to plan your route using A to B via C technology. While planning your voyage can be a complex task we have provided the tools through our platform to simplify the process for the Navigating Officer. At Poseidon Navigation our main aim is to keep it simple for our end users.

The tool is linked directly to our instant ordering system allowing the user to save time and effort, enabling navigators to plan the voyage and manage the decisive navigational data, voyage way points, distance and ENC cells.

Key features;

  • Plan routes with the most up to date ENC’s, AENP, ADP & NAVAREA warnings.
  • Export and import planned voyages.
  • Exchange routes with other vessels within company’s fleet.
  • Upload purchased routes directly into inventory management system to receive weekly updates.

We are offering all customers a free 30 day trial for each new feature. The trial will end 30 days after activation and then you can opt to subscribe should you wish.

As well as UKC and Auto Routeing we also continue to offer;

  • British ADMIRALTY Chart & Publication tracings and corrections
  • ADMIRALTY Notice to Mariners in electronic format
  • e-Reader 1.4 software accessible via Challenger
  • Ability to select and download ENC data, replacing need for CD/DVD updates
  • Challenger Instant Licensing B2B module for AVCS cells & folios, ADP & AENP ordering
  • Web Portal for shore based inventory management, tracking and B2B module
  • NAVAREA warnings for worldwide coverage
  • Complete management facility including Correction Log with New Edition alerts
  • Update files received weekly by e-mail or web synchronisation with our server
  • Customisable backup facility ensures data can easily be retrieved weekly or monthly
  • Comprehensive T&P report generator, tailored to specific needs of navigator
  • Add on Cyber Security tool for protecting the Bridge ECDIS
  • 24/7 Technical support team

We will continue to offer new modules over the coming 12 months. Currently the following modules are under development;

  • Pay As You Sail (PAYS)
  • Weather Routeing
  • Piracy Data

To arrange a trial or if you have any questions regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact us.