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At the next AVCS Base Reissue the UKHO will be moving some United States (US) and Canadian (CA) ENCs to different Base folders on the AVCS DVDs.  As a result, ENC Producers will no longer be split across more than one Base folder, which allows for a more efficient production of AVCS exchange sets.

All United States (US) ENCs will be held together in the B5 folder of AVCS DVD 1 (corresponding to AVCS Base 5 zip file). All Canadian (CA) ENCs will be available in the B6 folder of AVCS DVD 2 (corresponding to AVCS Base 6 zip file).

Therefore this means:
For Canada – Band 1 and 2 CA ENCs will move from Base 9 folder to Base 6 folder on DVD 2
For United States – US Band 1-3 ENCs will move from Base 6 folder on DVD 2 to Base 5 folder on DVD 1.