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The UK MCA issued a Marine Note, summarizing the changes to current MCA education and training requirements for obtaining a UK Certificate of Competency.

Among others, the publication introduces further changes to the SQA OOW written examinations requirement for Overseas Collaborative Programmes (1+1) route under section 2.1 and revisions to the approved programme timescale for reduced seagoing service listed under section 2.2.

After reviewing the current processes and procedures for obtaining a UK Certificate of Competency, the MCA has decided that the following changes should be made:

  • A change in requirements to be met by Deck cadets applying through the ‘Overseas Collaborative Programme’ prior to the issue of their first and any subsequent Notice of Eligibility (NOE)
  • The completion of an education programme and reduced seagoing service within an approved programme timescale (for Deck and Engineering cadets)
  • The removal of the 7 year time restriction on using your MCA-approved academic qualification to obtain a UK CoC
  • Clarification that there is no requirement to hold an NOE prior to undertaking an MCAapproved Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) or International Association of Maritime Institutions (IAMI) written examination
  • New requirements for non-UK CoCs being converted to a UK CoC prior to the issue of a Notice of Eligibility (NOE)
  • Standardisation of the nautical college letter for Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB) cadets.

(Read More) Source; https://www.safety4sea.com/changes-uk-mca-education-training-requirements/