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Chemical Tanker Operations for the STCW Advanced Training Course provides a wealth of information, ideal for serving officers and managers, as well as those undertaking advanced training as required by the STCW Convention. Elements of chemical tanker operations covered include:

  • Safety (SMS, risk assessment, gas detection, firefighting, PPE, enclosed space entry and emergency response)
  • Pollution response (SMPEP and the shipboard emergency plan)
  • Ballast water systems and management
  • Cargo handling systems (pumps, pipelines, valves, vents, heating, cooling and inerting systems and instrumentation)
  • Cargo compatibility charts
  • Regulations (international conventions, certification and survey, HSSC, mandatory documentation and trading certificates, and insurance)

Each Chapter ends with helpful references to relevant regulations, codes and industry guidelines and the publications is supported by appendices covering the carriage and handling of vegetables and animals oils and fats (as characterised as noxious liqued substances under MARPOL Annex 2) and tank cleanliness assessments for high specification cargoes.


NP234A & NP247(1) & (2) (Annual Summary of Admiralty Notices to Mariners) are also available now.


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