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Parallel Index Techniques in Restricted Waters.
Including RADAR Errors and Limitations. Use of ARPA and Chart Overlays
2nd Edition 2020.

This book is a guide to best practice for parallel indexing in restricted waters. It highlights the most common errors and limitations that affect parallel indexing which have been observed by pilots of the Corporation of the Lower St Lawrence Pilots (CLSLP) during their assignments.

Parallel indexing is a well established method of constantly monitoring a vessel’s position.

In marine navigation, the main goal of radar is to detect any vessels in the vicinity of the ship or any obstacles, such as land masses, in reduced visibility. Radar is also widely used in good visibility.
Technological improvements and development refinements have allowed users to stretch the use of radar to its limits.

The purpose of this book is to explain how it can be done safely.

eBook also available.