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Accidents involving survival and rescue craft are a continuing source of concern within the maritime industry. Various regulatory amendments have been made in recent years

, many of which have addressed on-load release mechanisms in an attempt to prevent further occurrences.

Lifeboat accidents occur most often during training and drills and involve not just the books, but also the entire lifeboat release and retrieval system (LRRS), including the wires, the gripes and pennants. In many cases, the cause is unsound procedures. Identified causes of lifeboat accidents include:

  • Lack of adequate training and knowledge
  • Unfamiliarity with equipment
  • Inadequate risk assessment and planning
  • Systems that are not yet modified in accordance with SOLAS Regulation III/1.5
  • Systems with design issues
  • Incorrectly or poorly maintained systems
  • Communication problems
  • Complacency and failure to follow safety procedures

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