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This book bridges the knowledge gap between the users of dynamic positioning (DP) and the knowledge encapsulated in sources such as DP system manuals, onboard documentation, IMO publications, class society rules and regulations, IMCA guidelines and research papers. This book has been updated to MSC.1/Circ.1580 and its text is quoted in italics.

It is a challenge to deal with a subject as complex as DP and with features differing between systems. DP vessels vary in shape, size and role, with often very little in common in their operating procedures, eg a diving vessel and an FPSO. This book comprehensively explains the principles and procedures of DP for all users.

In this second edition, a chapter on DP incident investigation has been added, an important function for SDPOs. The scope of Chapters 17–23 on mission-specific operations has been broadened to enable bespoke project planning. These chapters in Part V should be read in conjunction with chapters in Part I dealing with generic DP operations.