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In the Maritime industry cyber attacks have increased 400% since February 2020. A concerning figure to say the least. Now January 2021 approaches, and the deadline to meet the requirements set out by IMO – Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management is coming to a close.

Our solution, ChallengerShield, to Cyber Security on the Bridge for file transfers on navigational equipment is available to purchase alongside Challenger or independently.

The software is specifically aimed at managing cyber security on vessel bridges by improving the safety of file transfers to and from navigational equipment. The weekly ENC updates or permit files sent to a ship and commonly transferred from the online computer to the ship’s ECDIS using a USB stick is a potential weak point for cyber security attacks.

ChallengerShield provides a more secure method for transferring files between e-mail and internet enabled PCs and the ECDIS, or other important equipment on the bridge, by locking down the ChallengerShield USB stick with a with low level file system, leaving no empty storage space meaning harmful files cannot be intentionally or unintentionally transferred.

Only a protected USB can then be used on the bridge, which provides the user with options for common operations such as copying ENC permits or updates. Files also cannot be added to the USB stick outside of the ChallengerShield software environment, to maintain its security.

To enquire further please contact our Sales Executive Claire Nicol, claire.nicol@poseidonnavigation.com