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Our website has been online for over 6 months now, allowing Poseidon to showcase our products, services and news

for all our existing and potential customers. The content will continually evolve with the company, and for those of you who are perhaps unfamiliar with it benefits, here is a overview of what can be found within:

About Us – story of our company history and management staff profiles

Challenger – a focus on our Challenger software, which has been developed in-house and continues to be a success

Products & Services – a look into our range of Paper and Digital products, Marine equipment and our Chart correcting and Compass Adjusting services

Affiliates – listing our key suppliers and partners who’s invaluable help makes Poseidon what it is today

News – directly updated from this weekly Newsletter, including a complete archive of previous news articles and new edition notices

Contact – information on how to get in touch with us, including location map and enquiry form

To experience our website in full, follow the following link: www.poseidonnavigation.com