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The UKHO will not be producing or despatching any CDs or DVDs for week 52 or week 1. Updates are available for download from our FTP site and will be available via e-Navigator, AVCS Online Updating Service and the ARCS Online Updating Service. All Digital Update CDs and DVDs will be despatched as normal from Week 2, 2019. 

Coming soon – Ship Lay-Up Guide

This new publication is a comprehensive guide to best practice when placing a ship into lay-up and is an essential aid for ship owners/managers considering ship lay-up. 

Fully illustrated, with numerous real-world examples, this guide explains why a ship is placed into lay-up and the types of lay-up, as well as providing the reader with information on appraisal, planning, procedures at the lay-up site and reactivation. The publication also contains a chapter detailing lay-up locations across the world.

The Ship Lay-Up Guide is supplemented by a 100 page Record of Lay-Up, a practical workbook covering all stages of lay-up, including:

– planning and preparation
– passage to the lay-up location
– arrival checklists
– during lay-up (including periodic maintenance and lay-up records)
– reactivation.

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