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The Nautical Institute launched a flagship distance learning programme, the Command Diploma Scheme, in Singapore, on March 24th. 

At the core of the scheme, are the subjects that existing and aspiring masters have identified as areas of concern, such as onboard leadership and management, navigation and shiphandling, ship’s commercial business and coping with emergencies.

In particular, the Command Diploma Scheme provides a practical way for aspiring officers to prepare themselves for the responsibilities and realities of command at sea. It comprises a well thought-out programme of self-directed learning, with challenging practical assignments, plus a final essay and interview, all designed to take the candidate far beyond the minimum requirements of STCW. The work of the candidates is assessed by experienced mariners, senior members of the Nautical Institute.

The Institute notes that, the award of the Command Diploma offers a way for new Masters both to build their confidence and to distinguish themselves from their colleagues…..(Read More) Source: Safety4sea