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This publication provides guidance on how to combat drug trafficking at sea and to recognise the signs of drug use and dependence among crew members.  Considered the leading industry publication on the topic, this 5th edition has been fully updated by industry experts to assist shipping companies and their Masters and officers.

Ships present organised criminals with the opportunity to transport high volumes of drugs from producing to consuming countries.  The volume of illegal drugs being moved in commercial shipping continues to increase and therefore the risk to ships and ports continues to increase. The shipping industry shares a collective responsibility to assist in combating this illegal traffic.

Ships’ crews may be unaware that their ship or its cargo are being used as a cover to transport illegal drugs. However, if illegal drugs are found on board by local customs or law enforcement agencies, innocent companies and seafarers may potentially be exposed to huge financial fines or penalties, or even the risk of imprisonment.

The guidance contained in this publication demonstrates how to protect the ship and the crew and reduce the risk of drug trafficking occurring on board.
The publication covers:
•             Key global trafficking routes
•             Ports and places commonly targeted by drug traffickers
•             High profile drug seizures
•             Vulnerabilities of shipping
•             Risk management and security strategy
•             Ship security procedures
•             Port facility security procedures
•             Training and education
•             Emerging drug trends, including drug characteristics and identification
•             Responding to unusual activity at sea, in port, or involving passengers or crew
•             The signs of drug/alcohol use by crew members
•             What to do when drugs are found on board.

It also includes a new section on cyber security measures.