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The ECDIS Procedures Guide provides recommendations designed to accompany a ship’s Safety Management System (SMS) regarding the use of ECDIS for navigation and voyage planning. 

In line with STCW requirements, navigating officers are required to maintain competence in their watchkeeping routines and practices when using ECDIS. The ECDIS Procedures Guide provides a framework, as well as supporting background information and useful checklists, to aid officers in fulfilling these requirements and to help companies implement best practices in the use of ECDIS on board their ships. Information on the majority of ECDIS operations and techniques is included, such as chart updates, route creation and checking and ECDIS safety functions. This is supplemented by a useful ECDIS Management Card and example logs for chart spot checks, manual corrections and chart updates.

Key additions in the 2018 Edition:

I-HO S52 4.0 Update to Regulations and Procedures (in effect Sep 2017 onwards)
-Discussion and advice on the significant operational impact of PL 4.0
-Type Specific Procedures for display set-up for the most commonly used manufacturers
-Quick Reference guide to all Leading Type Specific Manufacturers
-New Charting Formats and introduction of S100 are discussed
-Guidance for on board competence training and assessment
-Preparation for Navigational Audits/PSC Inspections on ECDIS
-List of previous ECDIS observations and knowledge gaps
-List of ECDIS Alarms and Warning Codes and new procedure for addressing severity and impact on vessels navigational risk assessment.


ECDIS Passage Planning & Watchkeeping, coming June 2018

Fully revised and updated to provide practical guidance on passage planning and conducting the navigational watch using ECDIS.

ECDIS can contribute significantly to navigational safety and efficiency, however, this depends as much on the capability of the ECDIS operator. This publication shows how to produce a safe passage plan and safely use ECDIS when conducting a navigational watch.

This edition has been updated to reflect the latest IHO S52 Performance Library 4.0 which came in to effect in Sep 2017 with advice on the significant operational impact of PL 4.0. 

2018, sees the final tranche of vessels that are required to be fitted with ECDIS and completes a 6 year implementation period to move the worlds merchant fleet to ECDIS. This update fully recognises that ECDIS is the primary source of navigation onboard and brings together experience form ship’s officers and Masters in how ECDIS is most effectively used onboard. 


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