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ECDIS Procedures Guide Volume 1 has been updated to reflect the latest software and procedural changes. It contains all ECDIS navigation principles, standards and documentation compliance and PSC preparation. All recommendations are designed to accompany a ship’s safety management system (SMS). This edition has been restructured to reflect latest industry practice and new technical content.

Type Specific Information Volume 2 represents the 21 most prominent ECDIS manufacturers. The Type Specific Quick Reference Guides take the ECDIS operator ‘click by click’ through every aspect of their safety critical ECDIS functions. Familiarisation checklists also assist ECDIS operators in gaining and refreshing knowledge of ship specific installations.

This 2021 edition incorporates two separate publications presented in a slipcase.

ECDIS Procedures Guide 2021 Edition Volume 1

This title provides a framework, as well as supporting background information and checklists, to aid officers in fulfilling STCW requirements. It helps companies implement best practice in the use of ECDIS on board their ships.

The 2021 edition has been updated to include the 2021 ISM ECDIS Audit template, known ECDIS/ENC issues and chart issues such as vertical and horizontal safety concerns. These heighten ECDIS operators’ awareness of ECDIS limitations, contributing to safer and more effective navigation. Updated imagery, which replaces S-57 charting, is available in this new edition. Volume 1 also includes an introduction to bridge alert management (BAM), which is in effect from 1st September 2021. A further update to IMO member State adoption of T&P notices and manufacturer adoption of AIO are also included in this Guide.

Type Specific Information 2021–2022 Volume 2 

This 2021 edition introduces Type Specific ECDIS Quick Reference Guides to help the navigator  identify the functional differences between systems and increase the speed of familiarisation. These Guides are provided for all of the leading manufacturers and include familiarisation, setting up and calibrating the system, route planning, monitoring, verifying, fixing, chart updating and VDR playback. ECDIS screenshots have been redrawn and accompanied by key reference text, improving users’ understanding as they visualise each stage of the procedure.

Digital options available

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