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Ecdis Ltd has created an offline version of its Annual Competency Assurance Training (ACAT) courses for ships without internet access.

The UK-based training group has reacted to requirements from many of its shipping clients that want to use the ACAT courses, but without the need for a constant internet connection.

These courses assure vessel owners that crew are competent at using onboard ecdis equipment, which improves navigation safety and meets regulatory requirements. The offline versions are the same as the online ACAT courses, except they can be purchased and downloaded onshore, or when internet is available. They can then be run on any computer for up to one year for competency assurance purposes.

The courses are available as two different licence options. There is a single licence for individual seafarers and an option for shipowners to consider covering the whole competence training on the vessel for a year. This enables companies to register an entire ship with unlimited crew members.

Tanker and gas carrier operator Consolidated Marine Management (CMM) and passenger shipping company Condor Ferries have begun providing crew with ecdis type-specific training using ACAT courses.

Ecdis Ltd provides generic ecdis training that follows IMO’s 1.27 model ecdis course and several type-specific and familiarisation courses.

Ecdis training will be featured in this year’s Complete Guide to Ecdis supplement.

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Source: Marine Electronics & Communications