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The One Sea – Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem announced the opening of the Jaakonmeri autonomous maritime test area

, the first to be globally open to anyone wishing to test autonomous maritime traffic, vessels, or technologies related to it. The test area is managed and controlled by DIMECC Ltd. and it was awarded by a Finnish Government Bureau, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Southwest Finland.

The Jaakonmeri Test Area is located on the Finnish west coast outside the municipality of Eurajoki. The longest side of the area to the north is approximately 17.85 km long and the western side is approximately 7.10 km long. The area is open water and offers opportunities to test also in ice conditions during the winter. The test area will have excellent data connectivity available. The connectivity services will be developed incrementally and the plan is also to offer other services to enhance the test experience.

Companies, research institutes and others wishing to run tests on the area, can contact DIMECC through the One Sea website. DIMECC will then request for the required information and provide test documentation and information. Once the required permits and contracts are in order, the tests can proceed. Individual testing can last from one to a maximum of six weeks.

The company is already in discussions about the first tests, that will be announced…..(Read More) Source: Safety4sea