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July 1st marked the First World Marine Aids to Navigation Day. The day is established by IALA, and aims to promote greater awareness to mariners and the wider public regarding the crucial role of Aids to Navigation to ensure a safe and efficient navigation.

Events took place for the day throughout the world, while reports indicate that events were held in Vanuatu, Japan, Argentina, Australia, Spain and Denmark.

The theme ‘Successful Voyages, Sustainable Planet’, aims to incorporate the suggestions proposed by Members of IALA and includes all aspects of each of IALA’s Technical Committee.

It also aims to strengthen the mission of IALA in the maritime arena for global harmonisation of aids to navigation standards, facilitate the safety and efficiency of navigation and protect the environment.

With this day, IALA aspires to advance awareness of its technical work in improving safety of navigation, while also enhancing society’s perception of modern, technologically advanced marine aids. These contain the latest digital developments and support new developments in all fields, including Vessel Traffic Services. Source – https://safety4sea.com/july-1st-marks-the-first-world-marine-aids-to-navigation-day/