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IMO List of certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships, is providing Owners/Managers, with the requirements, as shown on below attachment, available to download.

It is repeated that these provisions should not be read as precluding a requirement for the presentation for inspection by the appropriate authorities of certificates and other documents carried by the ship pertaining to its registry, measurement, safety, manning, classification and other related matters.

Since the issuance of FAL.2/Circ.127-MEPC/Circ.817-MSC/Circ.1462, several instruments addressed in that circular have been amended. New instruments have been added, including the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004 and Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007.

The below circular lists only the certificates and documents that are required under IMO instruments and it does not include certificates or documents required by other international organizations or governmental authorities.

Note: This circular should not be used in the context of port State control inspections for which convention requirements should be referred to.

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