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Lockdowns and pandemics don’t deter pirates, stowaways, thieves and other criminals. If anything, the global health crisis has emboldened these human ‘sharks’ in areas like the Gulf of Guinea.

So how can you keep your ship and crew safe from criminals who are always cunning and sometimes violent?

This book is a practical guide to making a ship truly secure. It explains how Shipmasters and crews need to balance complex and often competing demands from regulators, ships, ports, states, cargoes and cargo-owners.

In clear, straightforward style, author Steven Jones explains the principles underpinning maritime security and shows how they can be put into practice. He emphasises the need to avoid complacency when executing security plans and provides guidance on the use of armed guards and specialised security equipment.

As Jones reminds us, seafarers are in the frontline of maritime security and it is up to those ashore to support them and keep them safe.