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The Nautical Institute is hosting a webinar this Thursday 17th September 2020 at 10:00 BST

Often referred to as the seafarer’s bill of rights, the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) guarantees minimum working and living conditions for seafarers.

The MLC entered into force in August 2013 and more and more countries are ratifying its terms. But what does the MLC mean for you as a maritime professional? Get answers to these and other questions…

  • I’m a seafarer – what are my rights under MLC and when and how might I excercise these?
  • I’m a shipowner – how am I impacted by MLC and what are my obligations under the convention?
  • How far does the protection afforded by MLC extend?

Who supervises MLC and how might it evolve in the future?
Join Nautical Institute Associate Fellow Captain Pankaj Kapoor who, since coming ashore, has held many roles including advising the government of India.

Currently a Senior Partner at the law firm India Law Offices, Captain Kapoor lectures at various institutes and has a special interest in assisting and recovering wages for seafarers.

This free webinar will be fully interactive, inviting questions from attendees and will provide a certificate of participation to all those who attend.