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All SOLAS vessels are required to receive Maritime Safety Information including NavArea Warnings and often this will be via NavTex receivers installed on the bridge.

The world is divided into 21 NavAreas and the warnings for each area are provided by the area coordinator. For vessels to obtain and manage the relevant data is a time consuming task, requiring the Navigating Officer to update the receiver throughout the voyage. Challenger’s NavArea service removes all uncertainty and reduces the workload, providing a full set of current and historical warnings in an easy to use graphical interface.

Our Challenger software can provide our customers with full access to a worldwide NavArea service. In additon to NavArea 1 data, which is widely available in the weekly Notices to Mariners publication, we can provide data for the entire 21 areas covering the entire globe, ensuring vessels have access to the most current navigational information available. The benefits of receiving this through Challenger are as follows:

–       All global NavArea warnings are provided, unlike the NavTex service.

–       Weekly updates are received together with other Challenger weekly files.

–       Small additional file size meaning overall weekly transmission size isn’t affected.

–       Annual subscription, can be added to existing Challenger license.

For further information about Challenger, or to add this service to your existing Challenger subscription, please contact our team on 01542 841245 or info@poseidonnavigation.com