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Chart & Publications Title Edition Due
Reproductions of Indian Government Charts
IN213 India – West Coast, Ratnagiri to Vengurla. 30/06/2019
IN2022 International Chart Series, India – West Coast, Approaches to Mormugao. 23/01/2019
IN2078 International Chart Series, India – West Coast, Port of Mormugao. 31/01/2019
New Edition of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 30th January 2020
107 England – East Coast, Approaches to the River Humber. 30/01/2020
510 Ecuador, Puerto Maritimo de Guayaquil. 30/01/2020
1145 International Chart Series, Spain – North Coast, Santander. 30/01/2020
1190 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, Flamborough Head to Blakeney Point. 30/01/2020
1206 China – Bo Hai and Yellow Sea, Bohai Haixia. 30/01/2020
1214 Kuwait, Khalij al Kuwayt. Mina Ash Shuwaykh. 30/01/2020
1249 China – Bo Hai, Dalian Wan to Qinhuangdao Gang. 30/01/2020
1253 China – Huang Hai, Lianyungang to Qingdao Gang. 30/01/2020
1255 China – Yellow Sea, Chengshan Jiao to Laotieshan Xijiao. 30/01/2020
1256 China and Korea, Bo Hai and Northern Part of the Yellow Sea. 30/01/2020
1281 China – East Coast, Outer Approaches to Dafeng Gang and Yangkou Gang. 30/01/2020
1289 China – Yellow Sea, Weihai Gang to Shidao Gang. 30/01/2020
1537 China – South China Sea, Dafangji to Nanpeng Liedao. 30/01/2020
1555 South China Sea, Dafangji Dao to Hong Kong. 30/01/2020
1716 China – Taiwan Strait, Nanri Qundao to Shenhu Wan. 30/01/2020
2635 International Chart Series, United Kingdom and Ireland , Scotland West Coast. 30/01/2020
2641 China – Bo Hai, Jingtang Gangqu 30/01/2020
3148 United States – Gulf of Mexico, Florida, St Joseph and St Andrew Bays. St Andrew Bay. 30/01/2020
Reproductions of Japan Coast Guard Charts
JP1057A Nippon, Honshu – South Coast, Atsumi Wan, Northern Part of Mikawa Ko. 23/01/2020
JP1057B Nippon, Honshu – South Coast, Atsumi Wan, Southern Part of Mikawa Ko. 23/01/2020
New Editions of Admiralty Publications Published 30th January 2020
NP59 & e-NP59 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions. Nova Scotia and Bay of Fundy Pilot (Sixteenth Edition) 2020. 30/01/2020
NP83 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume K Western Pacific Ocean, South of the Equator. Including Bismarck, Solomon, Coral and Tasman Seas. 2020/21 Edition. 30/01/2020
NP283(2) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals. Maritime Safety Information Services. The Americas, Far East and Oceania. 2020. 30/01/2020
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 13th February 2020
509 Ecuador, Approaches to Puerto Maritimo de Guayaquil including Estero Salado and Canal de Cascajal. Continuation of Estero Salado to Isla Santa Ana. 13/02/2020
586 Ecuador – Peru, Outer Approaches to Guayaquil. Puerto Bolivar. 13/02/2020
2021 England – South Coast, Harbours and Anchorages in the West Solent Area. 13/02/2020
2986 International Chart Series, France – West Coast, Appraoches to La Loire. 13/02/2020
4137 International Chart Series, Southern Africa – West Coast, Namibia, Walvis Bay Harbour. 13/02/2020
4138 International Chart Series, South Africa – West Coast, Namibia, Approaches to Walvis Bay. 13/02/2020