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Chart & Publications Title Edition Due
New Admiralty Charts published 28th February 2019
1151 England – Bristol Channel, Bridgwater Bay. 28/02/2019
New Admiralty Charts Published 28th February 2019
710 International Chart Series, Indian Ocean – Mauritius, Approaches to Port Louis. 28/02/2019
1148 England – West Coast, Isles of Scilly to Land’s End. 28/02/2019
1306 China – East Coast, Zhoshan Qundao, Huaniao Shan to Sanxing Shan. 28/02/2019
1351 International Chart Series, France – North Coast, Approaches to Calais. Calais. 28/02/2019
1572 China, South China Sea, Taishan Coal Pier. 28/02/2019
1602 China – Chang Jiang, Outer Approaches to Shanghai. 28/02/2019
1721 China – East China Sea, Beiji Liedao to Taizhou Liedao. 28/02/2019
2231 International Chart Series, Baltic Sea – Lithuania and Latvia, Sventoji to Pavilosta. 28/02/2019
2238 Black Sea – Turkey, Kefken Adasi to Inceburun. 28/02/2019
2600 West Indies, Mona Passage to Dominica. 28/02/2019
2863 United States – Bahama – Cuba, Straits of Florida. 28/02/2019
2866 United States – Bahamas – Cuba Straits of Florida, Cape Canaveral to Key West including the Western Part of the Bahama Banks. 28/02/2019
3119 International Chart Series, Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Mina Al Iskandariyah (Port of Alexandria). 28/02/2019
3334 South America – East Coast, Argentina, Puerto Deseado to Puerto Santa Cruz. 28/02/2019
4959 Canada, British Columbia/Colombie-Britannique, Vancouver Island/Ile de Vancouver, Victoria Harbour. Contiuation A. 28/02/2019
Q6114 Maritime Security Chart West Africa Including Gulf of Guinea. 28/02/2019
Reproductions of Indian Government Charts
IN211 India – West Coast, Satpati to Dighi Harbour. 28/02/2019
IN3009 International Chart Series, India – East Coast, Kakinada Anchorage. 28/02/2019
IN3042 India – East Coast, Approaches to Kakinada. 28/02/2019
Reproductions of New Zealand Government Charts
NZ6154 New Zealand, South Island – North Coast, Tory Channel / Kura Te Au Entrance and Picton Harbour. 28/02/2019
New Editions of Admiralty Publications to be published 28th February
NP36 & ENP36 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions, Indonesia Pilot Volume 1 (Tenth Edition) 2019. 28/02/2019
New Admiralty Charts to be Published 14 March
3207 International Chart Series, Antarctica – Graham Land, Gerlache Strait , Bluff Island to Emma Island. 14/03/2019
New Editions of Admiralty Charts Published 14th March 2019
462 West Indies, The Cayman Islands. Lesser Caymans. 14/03/2019
3175 International Chart Series, United Arab Emirates and Iran, Jazirat Al Hamra to Dubai and Jazireh – Ye Sirri.
Reproductions of German Government Charts Published 14th March 2019
DE20 International Chart Series, North Sea – Germany, Entrance to the Rivers Jade and Weser. 14/03/2019
DE87 International Chart Series, North Sea, Netherlands and Germany, Borkum to Neuwerk and Helgoland. 14/03/2019
Reproductions of Indian Government Charts Published 14th March 2019
IN218 India – West Coast, Kasaragod to Tellicherry. 14/03/2019
IN2033 International Chart Series, India – West Coast, Gulf of Kachchh, Sikka Creek. 14/03/2019
IN2039 India, West Coast, Gulf of Khambhat, Northern Portion. 14/03/2019
IN2083 International Chart Series, India – West Coast, Gulf of Kachchh, Approaches to Sikka. 14/03/2019
Reproductions of Japan Coast Guard Charts Published 14th March 2019
JP1065 Nippon, Honshu-South Coast, Tokyo Wan, Keihin Ko, Tokyo. 14/03/2019