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Chart & Publications Title Edition Due
Reproductions of Indian Government Charts
IN215 India – West Coast, Betul to Belekeri. 31/01/2019
IN223 India – South Coast, Kolachel to Manappad. 15/11/2018
New Editions of Admiralty Charts Published 5th March 2020
1036 Vietnam – South Coast, Ho Chi Minh City and Approaches. 05/03/2020
1039 Vietnam – South Coast, Outer Approaches to Ho Chi Minh City. 05/03/2020
1059 Vietnam – South Coast, Vung Tau to Song Thi Vai. 05/03/2020
1100 Vietnam – South Coast, Inner Approaches to Song Sai Gon. 05/03/2020
1239 United Kingdom, Orkney and Shetland Islands. 05/03/2020
2284 Black Sea – Romania, Constanta and Approaches. 05/03/2020
2450 International Chart Series, English Channel, Anvil Point to Beachy Head. 05/03/2020
2655 English Channel, Western Entrance. 05/03/2020
2656 English Channel, Central Part. 05/03/2020
3782 Qatar, Doha (Ad Dawhah) and Approaches. 05/03/2020
Reproductions of Australian Government Charts
AUS115 Australia – West Coast, Western Australia, Approaches to Bunbury. Bunbury. 07/02/2020
Reproductions of New Zealand Government Charts
NZ6321 New Zealand, South Island – East Coast, Lyttelton Harbour/Whakaraupo. Port of Lyttelton. 01/01/2020
ADMIRALTY Publications Published 27th February 2020
NP43 & e-NP43 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions

South and East Coasts of Korea, East Coast of Siberia and Sea of Okhotsk Pilot Twelfth Edition.

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 19th March 2020
197 West Indies, North West Approaches to Saint Lucia. Rodney Bay Lagoon. 19/03/2020
1062 Aegean Sea – Greece, Nisoi Voreioi Sporades. 19/03/2020
1408 North Sea, Harwich and Rotterdam to Cromer and Terschelling. 19/03/2020
1427 International Chart Series, Norway – West Coast, Stravanger to Floro. 19/03/2020
1502 China – Yellow Sea, Outer Approaches to Qingdao Gang. 19/03/2020
2010 International Chart Series, England – West Coast, Morecambe Bay and Approaches. 19/03/2020
2255 International Chart Series, England – South Coast, Approaches to Portland and Weymouth. 19/03/2020
2610 England – South Coast, Portland Bill to Anvil Point. 19/03/2020
2615 England – South Coast, Portland Bill to The Needles. 19/03/2020
2692 England – East Coast, Sunk Inner Precautionary Area. 19/03/2020
3164 England – West Coast, Barrow Harbour and Approaches. Deep Water Berth and Ramsden Dock Entrance. 19/03/2020
3315 England – South Coast, Berry Head to Portland Bill. 19/03/2020
SLB101 South Pacific Ocean – Solomon Islands, Anchorages in Guadalcanal Island.

Marau Sound.

Lungga Roads.


SLB102 South Pacific Ocean – Solomon Islands, Plans in the New Georgia Group.

Gizo Harbour and Approaches.

Ringgi Cove.

Port Noro.

Blackett Strait.

Lever Harbour.

SLB106 South Pacific Ocean – Solomon Islands, Bougainville Strait. 19/03/2020
SLB201 South Pacific Ocean – Solomon Islands, Sealark Channel and Approaches to Honiara. 19/03/2020
SLB301 South Pacific Ocean – Solomon Islands, Bougainville Island to Ghizo Island. 19/03/2020
SLB302 South Pacific Ocean – Solomon Islands Choiseul to New Georgia Island. 19/03/2020
SLB303 South Pacific Ocean – Solomon Islands, Santa Isabel Island to Guadalcanal Island. 19/03/2020
SLB304 South Pacific Ocean – Solomon Islands, Indispensable Strait. 19/03/2020
Intention to Withdraw Charts Without Replacement
678 Madagascar – East Coast, Ile aux Nattes to Tamatave. 02/04/2020
3871 Madagascar – North West Coast, Baie de Bombetoke to Cap Saint Andre. 02/04/2020
3872 Madagascar – North West Coast, Nossi Be to Baie de Bombetoke. 02/04/2020
8037 Port Approach Guide, Maputo. 02/04/2020
8096 Port Approach Guide, Walvis Bay. 02/04/2020
8158 Port Approach Guide, Veracruz. 02/04/2020
8209 Port Approach Guide, Tampico and Altamira. 02/04/2020
8214 Port Approach Guide, Koper. 02/04/2020
8221 Port Approach Guide, Ar Ruways (Ruwais) and Jabal Az Zannah (Jabal Dhanna). 02/04/2020
Section I, Week 09-20

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NP 284    Admiralty List of Radio Signals. Meteorological Observation Stations Volume 4 First Edition 2020.

ISBN Number: 978-0-70-774-489

Date: 27/02/2020

Remarks: NP284 18/19 Edition is now cancelled.