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Chart & Publications Title Edition Due
New Admiralty Charts Published 28th March 2019
2710 North America – East Coast, Delaware Bay to Straits of Florida. 28/03/2019
New Editions of Admiralty Charts Published 28th March 2019
712 International Chart Series, Indian Ocean, La Reunion to Mauritius and Ile Tromelin. 28/03/2019
817 International Chart Series, Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh and Burma, Elephant Point to Manaung (Cheduba) Island. 28/03/2019
883 England – West Coast, Isles of Scilly, Saint Mary’s and the Principal Off-Islands. 28/03/2019
1213 International Chart Series, Mediterranean Sea, Bonifacio Strait. 28/03/2019
1985 Mediterranean Sea, Ajaccio to Oristano including Bonifacio Strait. 28/03/2019
1992 Mediterranean Sea, Porto Vecchio to Arbatax including Bonifacio Strait. 28/03/2019
2101 International Chart Series, Turkey – South Coast, Mersin Limani. 28/03/2019
3739 International Chart Series, United Arab Emirates, Jebel Ali (Mina Jabal Ali) and Approaches. Jebel Ali (Mina Jabal Ali). 28/03/2019
3890 China – Nan Hai, Qiongzhou Haixia. 28/03/2019
8090 Port Approach Guide, Puerto Callao. 28/03/2019
Admiralty Leisure Folio Published 28th March 2019
SC5600 The Solent and Approaches. 28/03/2019
Reproductions of New Zealand Government Charts
NZ5215 New Zealnad, North Island – East Coast, Whangarei Harbour. Whangarei Harbour, Continuation to Town Basin. 01/02/2019
Admiralty Publications Published 28th March 2019
NP282(1) Admiralty List of Radio Signals. 28/03/2019
NP282(2) Admiralty List of Radio Signals 28/03/2019
New Editions of Admiralty Charts Published 11th April
103 South China Sea, Hainan Dao Eastwards. 11/04/2019
896 Korea – East Coast, Ulsan Hang to Daebyeon Hang. 11/04/2019
1560 Africa – West Coast, Guinea, Approaches to Rio Nunez. 11/04/2019
1962 South China Sea, Hong Kong to Shantou. 11/04/2019
2429 Turkey, Canakkale Bogazi (The Dardanelles). 11/04/2019
3391 International Chart Series, Korea – South Coast, Approaches to Gwangyang Hang. 11/04/2019
3990 South China Sea, Gulf of Tonkin (Northern Part). 11/04/2019
4813 International Chart Series, North Pacific Ocean, Bering Sea, Southern Part. 11/04/2019
4814 International Chart Series, North Pacific Ocean, Bering Sea, Northern Part. 11/04/2019
Reproductions of Japan Coast Guard Charts
JP123 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Hanshin Ko, Osaka. Continuation of Aji Kawa. 11/04/2019
JP1107 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Hanshin Ko, Amagasaki-Nishinomiya-Ashiya. 11/04/2019
JP1227 Nippon, Kyushu-North Coast, Hakata Ko. 11/04/2019