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Chart & Publications Title Edition Due
New Editions of Admiralty Charts Published 16th May 2019
93 Portugal and Spain – South Coast, Cabo de Santa Maria to Cabo Trafalgar. 16/05/2019
1188 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, River Humber, Spurn Head to Immingham. Grimsby. 16/05/2019
1601 China – Chang Jiang, Shanghai. 16/05/2019
1856 North Atlantic Ocean, Islas Canarias, Gran Canaria, Approaches to Puerto de La Luz (Las Palmas). 16/05/2019
1863 North Atlantic Ocean, Islas Canarias, Puerto de los Marmoles to Puerto del Rosario. 16/05/2019
1996 Croatia, Ports in Riječki Zaljev. 16/05/2019
3089 South America – West Coast, Ports on the Coast of Peru. 16/05/2019
3133 Africa – West Coast, Casablanca to Islas Canarias (including Arquipélago da Madeira). 16/05/2019
3134 Africa – West Coast, Islas Canarias to Nouakchott. 16/05/2019
3496 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, River Humber, Immingham and Hull. 16/05/2019
3497 International Chart Series, England – East Coast River Humber, Immingham to Humber Bridge and the Rivers Ouse and Trent. 16/05/2019
3734 International Chart Series, The Kingdom of Bahrain, Khalifa Bin Salman Port and Approaches. 16/05/2019
3736 International Chart Series, The Kingdom of Bahrain, Mina Salman and Approaches. 16/05/2019
Reproductions of Australian Government Charts
AUS32 Australia – North Coast, Western Australia , Cambridge Gulf. Approaches to Wyndham Wharf. Wyndham Wharf. 19/04/2019
Reproductions of Japan Coast Guard Charts
JP94 Nippon, Honshu-South Coast, Ise Wan, Yokkaichi Ko. 09/05/2019
JP1033A Nippon, Hokkaido-South Coast, Western Part of Tomakomai Ko. 09/05/2019
Reproductions of New Zealand Government Charts
NZ8275 South Pacific Ocean, Tonga, Approaches to Nuku’Alofa Harbour.
New Editions of Admiralty Publications Published 16th May 2019
NP21 & e-NP21 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions Bay of Bengal Pilot (Thirteenth Edition) 16/05/2019
New Editions of Admiralty Charts Published 30th May 2019
263 International Chart Series, Pakistan, Karachi Harbour. 23/05/2019
323 International Chart Series, Pakistan, Port Muhammad Bin Qasim and Approaches to Phitti Creek. 23/05/2019
1176 China – South Coast, Zhujiang Kou 23/05/2019
1336 China – Zhu Jiang, Shanban Zhou to Nizhou Tou. 23/05/2019
1618 China – Zhu Jiang, Nizhou Tou to Huangpu. 23/05/2019
1754 China – Zhujiang Kou, Nansha Gangqu. 23/05/2019
1828 Brazil – East Coast, Porto de Vitória and Porto de Tubarão. Porto de Vitoria. 23/05/2019
2236 Brazil – East Coast, Recife and Approaches. 23/05/2019
2449 England and Wales, Bristol Channel, Nash Point to Sand Point. 23/05/2019
2818 International Chart Series, South Wales, Barry and Cardiff Roads with Approaches. 23/05/2019
3313 International Chart Series, North Sea, Netherlands, Terschellinger Gronden to Harlingen. 23/05/2019
3317 Indonesia, Sumatera – East Coast, Pulau-Pulau Lingga. 23/05/2019
8206 North Atlantic Ocean, Arquipélago da Madeira. 23/05/2019
Reproductions of Papua New Guinea Government Charts Published 30 May 2019
PNG520 Papua New Guinea, North East Coast, Cape Nelson to Dyke Ackland Bay. 30/05/2019