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Chart & Publications Title Edition Due
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 22nd August 2019
359 Mexico – East Coast, Dos Bocas Terminal. Port of Dos Bocas. 22/08/2019
1165 England and Wales, Bristol Channel, Worms Head to Watchet. 22/08/2019
1286 China – Bo Hai, Liaodong Wan, Approaches to Panjin Gang and Yingkou Gangqu. Continuation to Yingkou Gangqu. 22/08/2019
1287 China – Bo Hai, Liaodong Wan, Panjin Gang. 22/08/2019
1827 Harbours on the South East Coast of England. 22/08/2019
2793 England – South Coast, Isle of Wight, Cowes Harbour and River Medina. 22/08/2019
2806 United States – East Coast, South Carolina, Inner Approaches to Charleston Harbor. 22/08/2019
2809 United States – East Coast, South Carolina, Charleston Harbor. 22/08/2019
2818 United States – East Coast, Georgia – Florida, St Marys Entrance. 22/08/2019
3686 United States – East Coast, North Carolina, Approaches to Morehead City. Morehead City. 22/08/2019
3687 United States – East Coast, North Carolina, Outer Approaches to Cape Fear including Frying Pan Shoals. 22/08/2019
3688 United States – East Coast, North Carolina, Cape Fear River and Approaches including Wilmington. 22/08/2019
4790 Canada, Quebec, Fleuve Saint-Laurent/St.Lawrence River, Lac Saint-Pierre. Sorel-Tracy. 22/08/2019
Reproductions of Australian Government Charts
AUS57 Australia – North West Coast, Western Australia, Dampier Archipelago. 26/07/2019
AUS117 Australia – West Coast, Western Australia, Gage Roads and Cockburn Sound. 26/07/2019
AUS778 Australia – South Coast, South Australia, Point Riley to Port Augusta. 26/07/2019
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publications Published 22nd August 2019
NP48 & e-NP48 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions, Mediterranean Pilot Volume 4 (Eighteenth Edition) 2019. 22/08/2019
ADMIRALTY Charts Published 5th September 2019
141 International Chart Series, Morocco – North Coast, Approaches to Tanger-Mediterranee. Ceuta Sud Anchorage. 05/09/2019
947 Malaysia – Sabah, Approaches to Pelabuhan Labuan (Victoria Harbour). 05/09/2019
1652 England – South Coast, Selsey Bill to Beachy Head. 05/09/2019
1844 Malaysia and Brunei, Brunei Bay and Approaches. Malaysia, Sabah, Approaches to Siptang Wharf. 05/09/2019
2038 England – South Coast, Southampton Water and Approaches. 05/09/2019
2041 International Chart Series, England – South Coast, Port of Southampton. 05/09/2019
2109 Brunei and Malaysia, Tanjung Baram to Labuan. 05/09/2019
2112 Malaysia – Sabah, Kota Kinabalu to Pulau-Pulau Mantanani. 05/09/2019
3838 International Chart Series, Malaysia and Brunei, Kuala Niah to Seria Including South Luconia Shoals. 05/09/2019
4776 Canada – Quebec, Fleuve Saint-Laurent/St. Lawrence River, Baie des Sept-Iles. Sept-Iles. Pointe-Noire. 05/09/2019
Reproduction of Papua New Guinea Government Charts 
PNG378 Papua New Guinea, South Coast, Daru Roads to Kerema Bay. 05/09/2019
Reproductions of New Zealand Government Charts
NZ43 New Zealand, North Island – West Coast, Manukau Harbour to Cape Egmont. 05/09/2019
NZ86 South Pacific Ocean, Samoa Islands. 05/09/2019
ADMIRALTY Charts Independently Withdrawn
AUS58 Australia – North West Coast, Western Australia, Port of Dampier. 22/08/2019
AUS114 Australia – West Coast, Western Australia, Kwinana. 22/08/2019