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Charts &
Title Due
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 22nd October 2020
148 England – South Coast, Dodman Point to Looe Bay. Polperro Harbour. 22/10/2020
2261 Colombia – North Coast, Puerto Barranquills and Approaches. 22/10/2020
2454 International Chart Series, English Channel, Start Point to The Needles including Off Casquets TSS. 22/10/2020
2972 International Chart Series, Baltic Sea – Gulf of Riga, Port of Riga, Northern Part. 22/10/2020
4035 Port of Singapore, Western Anchorages, Jong Fairway and Cruise Bay. 22/10/2020
4036 Port of Singapore, Raffles Lighthouse to The Sisters. 22/10/2020
4037 Port of Singapore, Keppel Harbour, Tanjong Pagar Terminal and Approaches. 22/10/2020
ADMIRALTY Publications to be Published 22nd October 2020
NP285 ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Volume 5 First Edition 2020. 22/10/2020
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 5th November 2020
45 Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar Harbour. 05/11/2020
347 China – Zhu Jiang, Huangpu to Guangzhou Shi. 05/11/2020
1975 England – East Coast, Thames Estuary, Northern Part. 05/11/2020
1985 Mediterranean Sea, Ajaccio to Oristano including Bonifacio Strait. 05/11/2020
1992 Mediterranean Sea, Porto Vecchio to Arbatax including Bonifacio Strait. 05/11/2020
2413 China – East China Sea, Songxia Gang. 05/11/2020
4032 Port of Singapore, Sinki Fairway. 05/11/2020
4034 Port of Singapore, East Jurong Channel, Pasir Panjang Terminal and West Keppel Fairway. 05/11/2020
4150 Republic of South Africa, South West Coast, Table Bay to Valsbaai. 05/11/2020
4151 International Chart Series, Republic of South Africa, South West Coast, Cape Deseada to Table Bay. 05/11/2020
4153 International Chart Series, Republic of South Africa, South Coast, Cape Agulhas to Cape St Blaize. 05/11/2020
Reproductions of Indian Government Charts
IN202 India – West Coast, Jakhau to Dwarka. 05/11/2020
IN211 India – West Coast, Satpati to Dighi Harbour. 05/11/2020
IN2015 International Chart Series, India – West Coast, Port of Mumbai. 05/11/2020
IN2076 International Chart Series, India – West Coast, Jawaharlal Nehru Port and Trombay. 05/11/2020
IN3012 International Chart Series, India – East Coast, Visakhapatnam Harbour. 05/11/2020
ADMIRALTY Charts Independently Withdrawn
8111 Port Approach Guide, Qinhuangdao and Shanhaiguan. 22/10/2020
8141 Port Approach Guide, Bohai Wan. 22/10/2020
8142 Port Approach Guide, Jingtang. 22/10/2020
8143 Port Approach Guide, Caofeidian. 22/10/2020
8144 Port Approach Guide, Tianjin Gang. 22/10/2020
8145 Port Approach Guide, Huanghua Gang and Haigang Gangqu. 22/10/2020
8155 Port Approach Guide, Bayuquan and Xianrendao. 22/10/2020
8183 Port Approach Guide, Dalian. 22/10/2020
8185 Port Approach Guide, Approaches to Dalian. 22/10/2020
8193 Port Approach Guide, Dadong Gangqu. 22/10/2020

Section I, Week 42/20, Page 1.13

Charts to be available 29 October 2020

Listing of New Editions, Reproductions of Australian Government Charts.
Addition to Charts to be withdrawn on publication of AUS55 in bold:

AUS55 Australia – North West Coast, Western Australia, Approaches to Port Walcott.

Charts to be WITHDRAWN AUS55 AUS56