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Reproductions of Indian Government Charts


IN272 Arabian and Lakshadweep Seas, Cora Divh to Elikalpeni Bank. 31/01/2020
IN273 Arabian and Lakshadweep Seas, India and Maldives, Kadmat Island to Ihavandiffulu Atoll. 31/01/2020

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 4th February 2021


937 International Chart Series, South China Sea, Eastern Approaches to Hong Kong. 04/02/2021
2172 England – South Coast, Harbours and Anchorages on the South Coast of England.

A.     Swanage and Studland Bays.

B.     Chapman’s Pool.

C.    Worbarrow Bay.

D.    Christchurch Harbour.

E.     Continuation of River Stour.

F.     Weymouth Harbour.

G.    Lulworth Cove.

CP1 Panamá – North Coast, Panamá Canal, Atlantic Entrance including Adjacent Ports.

A.     Puerto de Cristóbal.


New Editions of ADMIRALTY Leisure Folios Published 4th February 2021


SC5623 Ireland – South West Coast, Bantry Bay to Kinsale. 04/02/2021

ADMIRALTY Publications Published 4th February 2021


NP33 & e-NP33 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions Philippine Islands Pilot NP33  7th Edition 2021. 04/02/2021
NP83 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals NP83 Vol K.  1st Edition 2021. Western Pacific Ocean, South of the Equator Including Bismarck, Solomon, Coral and Tasman Seas. 04/02/2021
NP286(6) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and Port Operations North East Asia and Russia (Pacific Coast) NP286(6) Volume 6 2nd Edition 2021. 04/02/2021

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 18th February 2021


177 Mediterranean Sea, Malta, Valletta Harbours. 18/02/2021
183 Mediterranean Sea,  Ra’s at Tīn to İskenderun. 18/02/2021
410 West Indies, Cuba – North West Coast, Bahiá del Mariel and Approaches.   Bahiá del Mariel. 18/02/2021
966 Italy, Ports on the East Coast of Sicilia. 18/02/2021
1911 Mediterranean Sea, Italy – West Coast, Isola del Giglio to Isola D’Ischia. 18/02/2021
1951 International Chart Series, England – West Coast, Approaches to Liverpool. 18/02/2021
2026 France – North Coast, Anse de Kernic to Ile Grande. 18/02/2021
2292 International Chart Series, Baltic Sea – Latvia, Port of Liepāja. 18/02/2021
3490 International Chart Series, England – West Coast, Port of Liverpool. 18/02/2021


Routeing Chart North Atlantic Ocean

(January – December, 12 separate charts)


New Charts Reproductions of German Government Charts


DE26 International Chart Series, Baltic Sea – Germany and Denmark, Flensburger Förde (Flensborg Fjord) 18/02/2021
DE1671 International Chart Series, Baltic sea – Germany, Approaches to Rostock and Kadetrinne. 18/02/2021

Intention to Withdraw Charts


906 Mediterranean Sea – Italy West Coast, Ports on the West Coast of Italy. 18/02/2021
8122 Port Approach Guide – Portland (United States, East Coast) 04/03/2021
8187 Port Approach Guide – New York Lower Bay and Approaches. 04/03/2021
8188 Port Approach Guide – New York Newark Bay and Arthur Kill. 04/03/2021
8189 Port Approach Guide – New York Upper Bay. 04/03/2021
8200 Port Approach Guide – Delaware River – Philadelphia and Camden. 04/03/2021
8201 Port Approach Guide – Delaware River – Wilmington and Marcus Hook 04/03/2021
8202 Port Approach Guide – Delaware Bay and Approaches. 04/03/2021
8224 Port Approach Guide – Baltimore. 04/03/2021
8248 Port Approach Guide – Boston. 04/03/2021
8249 Port Approach Guide – Approaches to Boston. 04/03/2021