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New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 11th February 2021


148 England – South Coast, Dodman Point to Looe Bay. 11/02/2021
1105 Mexico – West Coast, Approaches to Guaymas.                  Guaymas. 11/02/2021
1160 England – Bristol Channel, Harbours in Somerset and North Devon.

A.     Lynmouth.

B.     Porlock.

C.    Minehead.

D.    Watchet.

E.     Lundy.

F.     Barnstaple and Bideford.

G.    Ilfracombe.

1165 England and Wales, Bristol Channel, Worms Head to Watchet. 11/02/2021
1169 South Wales, Approaches to Porthcawl. 11/02/2021
1971 Wales – West Coast, Cardigan Bay, Northern Part. 11/02/2021
1972 Wales – West Coast, Cardigan Bay, Central Part. 11/02/2021
2114 International Chart Series, France – South Coast, Ports in the Golfe du Lion.

A. Sète.

B. Port-La-Nouvelle.

C. Port-Vendres and Collioure.

2573 International Chart Series, Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Al Burullus to Al ‘Arīsh.

Al ‘Arīsh Harbour.

2574 International Chart Series, Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Ra’s aḑ Ḑab’ah to Maşabb Dumyāţ (Damietta Mouth). 11/02/2021
2681 Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Approaches to Al Iskandarīyah (Alexandria) and Khalīj Abū Qīr. 11/02/2021
3400 International Chart Series, Mediterranean Sea, Libya and Egypt, Ra’s al Muraysah to Al Iskandarīyah.    Marsá Maţrūḩ. 11/02/2021
3902 Indonesia – Malaysia – Singapore, Malacca Strait, Permatang Sedepa (One Fathom Bank) to Singapore Strait. 11/02/2021

Reproductions of Australian Government Charts


AUS245 Australia – East Coast, Queensland, Gladstone. 08/01/2021
AUS246 Australia – East Coast, Queensland, Approaches to Gladstone. 08/01/2021

ADMIRALTY Publications Published 11th February 2021


NP286(7) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and  Port Operations Central and South America and the Caribbean Volume 6 2nd Edition (2021) 11/02/2021

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 25th February 2021


341 South China Sea, Macao to Hong Kong. 25/02/2021
932 Indonesia, Jawa – North Coast, Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok and Approaches 25/02/2021
933 Indonesia, Jawa – North Coast, Approaches to Tanjung Priok. 25/02/2021
1076 Wales – South Coast , Linney Head to Oxwich Point.

Continuation of Afon Tywi.

1201 China – Huang Hai,  Guanhe Kou to Rizhao Gang. 25/02/2021
2247 France – South Coast, Golfe de La Napoule and Golfe Juan including Îles de Lérins and the Approaches to Cannes.

A Mandelieu – La Napoule and La Rague.             B Cannes Marina.

C Cannes.

D Port Pierre Canto.

E Ports de Golfe Juan.

F Port Gallice and Port du Crouton.

2293 Korea – Russia – Japan, Northern Japan and Adjacent Seas. 25/02/2021
4655 International Chart Series, South Pacific Ocean, Mururoa to Ducie Island. 25/02/2021


Routeing Chart South Atlantic Ocean

(January – December, 12 separate charts)


New Charts Reproductions of Japan Coast Guard Charts


JP1064 Nippon, Honshu-South Coast, Irago Suido. 25/02/2021

ADMIRALTY Charts Independently Withdrawn


AUS126 Australia – South Coast, Plans in South Australia (Sheet 5). 11/02/2021
AUS129 Australia – South Coast, South Australia, Approaches to Nepean Bay 11/02/2021
AUS139 Australia – South Coast, Plans in South Australia (Sheet 2). 11/02/2021

Intention to Withdraw Charts


8065 Port Approach Guide, Puerto Cabello. 11/03/2021
8066 Port Approach Guide, Manzanillo (Mexico). 11/03/2021
8076 Port Approach Guide, Montevideo. 11/03/2021
8090 Port Approach Guide, Puerto Callao. 11/03/2021
8094 Port Approach Guide, Puertos Ingeniero White, Nacional and Galván. 11/03/2021
8165 Port Approach Guide, Puerto Lazaro Cardenas. 11/03/2021
8195 Port Approach Guide, Coatzacoalcos. 11/03/2021
8211 Port Approach Guide, Cartagena. 11/03/2021
8242 Port Approach Guide, Kingston. 11/03/2021
8250 Port Approach Guide, Freeport (Bahamas). 11/03/2021