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New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 11th March 2021


1280 China – Bo Hai – Liaodong Wan, Approaches to Bayuquan Gangqu and Xianrendao Gangqu. 11/03/2021
1657 Greece – East Coast, Saronikós Kólpos 11/03/2021
1853 South America – West Coast, Peru, Approaches to Bahía Del Callao.     Puerto Callo. 11/03/2021
4780 Canada, Québec/Quebec, Fjord du Saguenay/Saguenay Fjord , Cap Éternité à/to Saint-Fulgence.                   Continuation A.    Baie des Ha! Ha!                   Terminal Maritime de Grande-Anse. 11/03/2021

Reproductions of German Government Charts


DE2 International Chart Series, North Sea – Germany, Approaches to Rivers Jade, Weser and Elbe. 11/03/2021
DE20 International Chart Series, North Sea, Germany, Entrance to Rivers Jade and Weser. 11/03/2021

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publications Published 11th March 2021


NP63 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions. Persian Gulf Pilot Nineteenth Edition 2021. 11/03/2021
NP84 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Northern Seas Coast of Norway North of 60º 55´N, Svalbard, The Faroes, Iceland, Greenland and Coast of Russia to Bering Strait. Volume L 1st Edition 2021. 11/03/2021

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 25th March 2021


26 International Chart Series, England – South Coast, Harbours on the South Coast of Devon.

A. Tor Bay.

B. Brixham Harbour.

C. Teignmouth Harbour.

D. Torquay Harbour.

208 International Chart Series, Netherlands, Rotterdam Nieuwe Maas and Oude Maas. 25/03/2021
343 China – South Coast, Zhujiang Kou. 25/03/2021
1175 International Chart Series, France – West Coast, Port de Bayonne and Approaches Including L’Adour.

A. Continuation of L’Adour.

1188 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, River Humber, Spurn Head to Immingham.


1479 Scotland – East Coast, River Tay Dundee to Perth. 25/03/2021
1557 South China Sea, Gaolan Liedao, Zhuhai Gang Gaolan Gangqu. 25/03/2021
2452 International Chart Series, Baltic Sea – Poland, Szczecin.                   A. Continuation of Szczecin. 25/03/2021
3496 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, River Humber, Immingham and Hull.  A Hull Docks, Eastern Part.  B Hull Docks, Western Part.  C Immingham Oil Terminal to Humber Sea Terminal. 25/03/2021
3497 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, River Humber, Immingham to Humber Bridge and the Rivers Ouse and Trent.

A. Humber Bridge to Whitton Ness.

B. Whitton Ness to Goole and Keadby.

C. Keadby to Gainsborough.

D. Goole.

4654 International Chart Series, South Pacific Ocean, Tahiti to Îles Marquises. 25/03/2021
4657 International Chart Series, South Pacific Ocean, Southern Cook Islands to Îles de la Société and Îles Australes 25/03/2021
Q6110 Maritime Security Chart, Mediterranean Sea.

A. Mediterranean and Black Seas, including Entrance to the Gulf of Suez.

B. Strait of Gibraltar.


New Edition of ADMIRALTY Leisure Folio


SC5600 The Solent and Approaches. 25/03/2021

Intention to Withdraw Charts


1279 Black Sea – Turkey, Ordu, Trabzon, Rize and Hopa with Approaches. 08/04/2021
1292 International Chart Series, France and Spain, Mimizan-Plage to Cabo de Ajo. 08/04/2021

ADMIRALTY Charts Independently Withdrawn


8065 Port Approach Guide, Puerto Cabello. 11/03/2021
8066 Port Approach Guide, Manzanillo (Mexico). 11/03/2021
8076 Port Approach Guide, Montevideo. 11/03/2021
8090 Port Approach Guide, Puerto Callao. 11/03/2021
8094 Port Approach Guide, Puertos Ingeniero White, Nacional and Galván. 11/03/2021
8165 Port Approach Guide, Puerto Lazaro Cardenas. 11/03/2021
8195 Port Approach Guide, Coatzacoalcos. 11/03/2021
8211 Port Approach Guide, Cartagena. 11/03/2021
8242 Port Approach Guide, Kingston. 11/03/2021
8250 Port Approach Guide, Free Port Bahamas. 11/03/2021