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New ADMIRALTY Charts Published 29th April 2021
2930 International Chart Series, Republic of South Africa and Mozambique, Jesser Point to Boa Paz. 29/04/2021
4180 International Chart Series, Republic of South Africa and Mozambique, Richards Bay to Inhambane. 29/04/2021
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 29th April 2021
115 International Chart Series, Scotland – East Coast, Moray Firth. 29/04/2021
483 Trinidad and Venezuela, Gulf of Paria. 29/04/2021
1119 International Chart Series, United Kingdom, Orkney and Shetland Islands Fair Isle Channel. 29/04/2021
1233 International Chart Series, United Kingdom, Northern Approaches to the Shetland Islands. 29/04/2021
1331 Argentina, Approaches to Bahía Blanca. Entrance to Bahía Blanca. 29/04/2021
1942 International Chart Series, Scotland – North Coast, Fair Isle to Wick. 29/04/2021
1954 International Chart Series, Scotland – North Coast, Cape Wrath to Pentland Firth including the Orkney Islands. 29/04/2021
2751 Mexico – East Coast, Approaches to Coatzacoalcos and Pajaritos. Coatzacoalcos and Pajaritos. 29/04/2021
3064 South America – East Coast, Approaches to Río de la Plata. José Ignacio Terminal. 29/04/2021
3324 South America – East Coast, Argentina, Cabo San Antonio to Mar del Plata. 29/04/2021
3755 Argentina, Bahía Blanca.
A. Puertos Ingeniero White, Nacional and Galván.

B. Puertos Belgrano and Rosales.

3992 China and Vietnam, Gulf of Tonkin, Dongxing Gang to Beihai Gang. 29/04/2021
3999 China – South Coast, Gulf of Tonkin, Qinzhou Wan. 29/04/2021
4044 Singapore and Malaysia, Johor Strait, Eastern Part.
A. Serangoon Harbour.
B. Pelabuhan Johor (Johor Port).
C. Sembawang.
Reproductions of Australian Government Charts
AUS130 Australia – South Coast, South Australia, Approaches to Port Adelaide. 02/04/2021
AUS325 Australia – North West Coast, Western Australia, Rowley Shoals to Bedout Islet. Lagoon Entrance. 02/04/2021
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publications Published 29th April 2021
NP201A-22 ADMIRALTY Tide Tables United Kingdom English Channel to River Humber (Including Isles of Scilly, Channel Islands and European Channel Ports). 2022 Edition. 06/05/2021
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 13th May 2021
497 Turkey, Marmara Denizi, İzmit Körfezi.
A. Tuzla to İzmit.
B. Yarimca to İzmit.
C. Diliskelesi.
819 International Chart Series, Sri Lanka – South West Coast, Galle Harbour and Approaches. Galle Harbour. 13/05/2021
1405 International Chart Series, Norway – West Coast, Eldfisk Oil Field to Boknafjorden. 13/05/2021
1512 Wales – West Coast, Plans on the Lleyn Peninsula.
A. Pwllheli.
B. Saint Tudwal’s Roads.
C. Approaches to Porthmadog.
D. Porthmadog Harbour.
E. Mochras Lagoon.
F. Porth Dinllaen.
2720 International Chart Series, Scotland – North Coast, Flannan Isles to Sule Skerry. 13/05/2021
3232 Taiwan – West Coast, O-Luan Pi to Kaohsiung Port. 13/05/2021
3233 Taiwan – East Coast, O-Luan Pi to T’ai-Tung Kang. 13/05/2021
3234 Taiwan – East Coast, T’ ai-Tung Kang to Hualien Kang. 13/05/2021
4042 Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, Changi to Pulau Mungging and Tanjung Buntan to Tanjung Tondang. 13/05/2021
Reproductions of Coast Guard Charts
JP1061 Honshu – South Coast, Northern Part of Tokyo Wan. 13/05/2021
Intention to Withdraw
8009 Port Approach Guide, Port de Fos. 27/05/2021
8040 Port Approach Guide, Saint-Nazaire. 27/05/2021
8146 Port Approach Guide, Porto de Leixões. 27/05/2021
8186 Port Approach Guide, Bayonne 27/05/2021
8198 Port Approach Guide, Marseille. 27/05/2021
8241 Port Approach Guide, Sète. 27/05/2021
8246 Port Approach Guide, Brest. 27/05/2021
8247 Port Approach Guide, Approaches to Brest. 27/05/2021
8257 Port Approach Guide, Valencia. 27/05/2021
8266 Port Approach Guide, La Rochelle – La Pallice. 27/05/2021