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New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 20th May 2021


2038 England – South Coast, Southampton Water and Approaches. 20/05/2021
2041 International Chart Series, England – South Coast, Port of Southampton. 20/05/2021
2193 Venezuela and Nederlandse Antillen, Punta San Juán to Punta Macolla including Bonaire, Curaçao and Aruba. 20/05/2021
2288 Baltic Sea, Rozewie to Ventspils. 20/05/2021
2626 Mexico – East Coast, Bay of Campeche. Ciudad del Carmen. 20/05/2021
3029 Indonesia, Kalimantan – South Coast, Tanjung Siamok to Tanjung Selatan. 20/05/2021
3884 Vietnam – East Coast, Đa Nang and Approaches. Đa Nang. 20/05/2021

Reproductions of German Government Charts


DE5 International Chart Series, North Sea – Germany, River Weser – Brake to Bremen.

A. Brake to Vegesack.

B. Brake.

C. Vegesack to Ochtumer Sand.

D. Ochtumer Sand to Osterort.

E. Osterort to Bremen.

DE87 International Chart Series, North Sea, Netherlands and Germany, Borkum to Neuwerk and Helgoland. 20/05/2021

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publications Published 20th May 2021


NP286(2) ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Radio Signals Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and Port Operations Europe, Arctic and Baltic Coasts, Including Iceland and Faroe Islands Volume 6(2) 2nd Edition (2021). 20/05/2021

ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 3rd June 2021


584 West Indies, Saint Barthélémy to Antigua. 03/06/2021
585 West Indies, Nevis and Antigua to Northern Guadeloupe. 03/06/2021
1307 Mexico – East Coast, Bahía de Campeche. 03/06/2021
1402 International Chart Series, Skagerrak.

A. Hirtshals.

B. Hantsholm.

1422 International Chart Series, North Sea, Esbjerg to Hanstholm including Offshore Oil and Gas Fields.

A. Hanstholm

1436 South Pacific Ocean – Polynésie Française, Plans in Tahiti and Moorea.

A. Tahiti, Approaches to Port de Papeete.

B. Tahiti, Port de Papeete.

C. Tahiti, Port Phaeton and Bassin de Tapuaeraha.

D. Moorea, Baie de Cook and Baie D’opunohu.

1538 Aegean Sea – Greece, Plans in the Northern Kykládes.

A. Nísos Sífnos, Órmos Kamáres.

B. Nísos Sérifos, Órmos Livádi.

C. Nísos Mýkonos, Mýkonos and Approaches.

D. Nísos Sýros, Órmos Foínika.

E. Nísos Sýros, Liménas Sýrou and Approaches.

F. Nísos Tínos, Liménas Tínou.

G. Nísos Kýthnos, Órmos Méricha.

H. Nísos Ándros, Órmos Gávrio.

I. Nísos Kéa, Órmos Ág. Nikoláou.

J. Nísos Ándros, Órmos Kástrou.

2182B International Chart Series, North Sea Central Sheet. 03/06/2021
2182C International Chart Series, North Sea Northern Sheet. 03/06/2021
2372 Scotland – West Coast, Loch Linnhe Corran Narrows, Fort William and Corpach.

A. Corran Narrows.

B. Fort William and Corpach

2379 Scotland – West Coast, Loch Linnhe Central Part. 03/06/2021
2380 Scotland – West Coast, Loch Linnhe Northern Part.

A. Loch Leven Narrows.

B. Continuation of Loch Leven.

2722 International Chart Series, Scotland – West Coast, Skerryvore to Saint Kilda. 03/06/2021
3041 Russia – Pacific Coast, Zaliv Nakhodka. 03/06/2021
3101 International Chart Series, Ivory Coast, Outer Approaches to Port d’Abidjan.

A. Approaches to Port d’Abidjan.

B. Grand – Lahou.

C. Grand – Bassam.

3679 Greece, Nísos Kríti to Nísos Kárpathos. 03/06/2021
4140 International Chart Series, North Sea. 03/06/2021

Reproductions of German Government Charts


DE7 International Chart Series, North Sea – Germany, River Jade, Inner Part. Wilhelmshaven. 03/06/2021

Intention to Withdraw


2004 Plans on the Coast of Uruguay. 17/06/2021
8017 Port Approach Guide, Peiraiás (Piraeus) 17/06/2021
8044 Port Approach Guide, Thessaloníki. 17/06/2021
8060 Port Approach Guide, Dakar. 17/06/2021
8061 Port Approach Guide, Hefa (Heifa). 17/06/2021
8091 Port Approach Guide, Ashdod. 17/06/2021
8178 Port Approach Guide, Beyrouth (Beirut). 17/06/2021
8192 Port Approach Guide, Conakry. 17/06/2021
8234 Port Approach Guide, Elefsís. 17/06/2021
8251 Port Approach Guide, Casablanca and Mohammedia. 17/06/2021

ADMIRALTY Charts Independently Withdrawn


8003 Port Approach Guide, Le Havre. 20/05/2021
8081 Port Approach Guide, Liverpool. 20/05/2021
8082 Port Approach Guide, Approaches to Liverpool. 20/05/2021
8095 Port Approach Guide, Dublin. 20/05/2021
8120 Port Approach Guide, Port of Bristol. 20/05/2021
8136 Port Approach Guide, Rouen. 20/05/2021
8197 Port Approach Guide, Falmouth. 20/05/2021
8206 Port Approach Guide, Milford Haven. 20/05/2021
8263 Port Approach Guide, Cardiff, Barry and Newport. 20/05/2021
8264 Port Approach Guide, Port Talbot and Swansea. 20/05/2021