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New ADMIRALTY Chart Published 22nd July 2021


781 Caribbean Sea, Aruba.

A.    Paardenbaai.

B.    Commandeursbaai and San Nicolasbaai.

C.   Haven Barcadera.


New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 22nd July 2021


1004 Turkey – Marmara Denizi, Canakkale Bogazi (The Dardanelles) to Marmara Adasi.

A.    Icdas 1.

B.    Icdas 2.

1164 England – West Coast, Hartland Point to Ilfracombe including Lundy. 22/07/2021
2245 International Chart Series, France – South Coast, Villefranche-sur-Mer to Menton. 22/07/2021
2246 International Chart Series, France – South Coast, Cap d’Antibes to Cap Ferrat including Baie des Anges and Rade de Villefranche.

A. Antibes – Port Vauban.

B. Baie des Anges Marina.

C. Saint-Laurent-du-Var.

D. Nice and Rade de Villefranche.

2247 France – South Coast, Golfe de la Napoule and Golfe Juan including Iles de Lerins and the Approaches to Cannes.

A. Mandelieu-La Napoule and la Rague.

B. Cannes Marina.

C. Cannes.

D. Port Pierre Canto.

E. Ports de Golfe Juan.

F. Port Gallice and Port du Crouton.

2645 China – Bo Hai – Tianjin Gang, Dagang Gangqu and Approaches. 22/07/2021
2653 China – Bo Hai, Approaches to Tianjin Gang. 22/07/2021
2742 International Chart Series, Mediterranean Sea, Africa – North Coast, Ceuta. 22/07/2021
2753 Mexico – East Coast, Tuxpan and Approaches. Tuxpan. 22/07/2021
4636 International Chart Series, South Pacific Ocean, Récifs Bampton to Île Hunter. 22/07/2021

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 5th August 2021


1859 International Chart Series, England – West Coast, Port of Bristol.

A. King Road.

B. River Avon.

C. City Docks.

D. City Docks to Saint Anne’s Bridge.

2099 International Chart Series, Malaysia and Indonesia, Tawau and Approaches.


3877 International Chart Series, Indian Ocean, Mozambique Channel Northern Part. 05/08/2021
3878 International Chart Series, Indian Ocean, Mozambique Channel Central Part. 05/08/2021
3880 International Chart Series, Indian Ocean, Mozambique Channel Southern Part. 05/08/2021

New Edition of ADMIRALTY Leisure Folio to be Published 5th August 2021


SC5606 Thames Estuary – Ramsgate to Canvey Island.

5606.1 Southern North Sea and Dover Strait. 1:250,000

5606.2 Southern Thames Estuary. 1:100,000

5606.3 Dover to Ramsgate including Sandettié Bank. 1:75,000 5606.4 Gull Stream to Princes Channel. 1:50,000

5606.5 Princes Channel to Medway Approach Channel. 1:50,000

5606.6 Whitaker Channel to West Swin. 1:50,000

5606.7 Havengore Bridge to Southend-on-Sea. 1:25,000 5606.8 Southend-on-Sea to Canvey Island. 1:25,000

5606.9 Medway Approach Channel. 1:25,000

5606.10 A Mouth of River Medway and West Swale. 1:25,000 B The Swale – Ferry Reach. 1:12,500

C Ramsgate. 1:5,000

5606.11 A River Medway – Saltpan Reach to Chatham Reach. 1:25,000

B River Medway – Rochester. 1:12,500

C Approaches to Ramsgate. 1:12,500

5606.12 A The Swale – Shell Ness to Conyer Creek. 1:25,000

B River Medway – Rochester Bridge to Wouldham. 1:25,000

C River Medway – Wouldham to Lower Cut. 1:25,000

D River Medway – Lower Cut to Allington Marina. 1:25,000

E River Medway – Continuation to Maidstone. 1:25,000


Reproduction of German Government Chart


DE46 International Chart Series – North Sea, Germany, River Elbe, Belum to Krautsand.