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New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 29th July 2021


354 International Chart Series, Italy – West Coast, Port of Genova West Part. 29/07/2021
355 International Chart Series, Italy – West Coast, Port of Genova East Part. 29/07/2021
723 China – Yellow Sea, Approaches to Lianyungang. 29/07/2021
1183 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, Thames Estuary. 29/07/2021
1221 China – Bo Hai, Jinzhou Gang and Approaches. 29/07/2021
1754 China – East China Sea, Mazu Liedao to Dongtou Liedao. 29/07/2021
2434 Colombia – North Coast, Bahia de Cartagena.

A. Bahia de Cartagena.

B. Bocachica.

2647 International Chart Series, France – North Coast, Ile d’Ouessant to Iile de Batz. 29/07/2021
2920 United States – East Coast, Chesapeake Bay, New Point Comfort to Point No Point. 29/07/2021
3449 China – Taiwan Strait, Approaches to Xiamen Gang. 29/07/2021

Reproductions of New Zealand Government Charts


NZ6422 New Zealand, South Island – East Coast, Approaches to Timaru. Timaru Harbour. 01/06/2021

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publications 29th July 2021


NP46 & e-NP46 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions Mediterranean Pilot Volume 2 17th Edition (2021). 29/07/2021
NP86 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume N East Mediterranean and Black Seas 2nd Edition (2021). 29/07/2021

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 12th August 2021


905 International Chart Series, Denmark – Kattegat, Randers Fjord.

A. Randers.

B. Udbyhøj.

C. Kæften.

918 Indonesia, Ports on the North Coast of Jawa.

A. Approaches to Semarang.

B. Semarang.

C. Cirebon.

D. Suralaya.

E. Merak.

F. Cigading.

1760 Taiwan Strait, Southern Part. 12/08/2021
2409 Taiwan – West Coast, Kaohsiung Kang to Fang-Yuan Po-Ti including P’eng-Hu Ch’Un-Tao. 12/08/2021
2693 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, Approaches to Felixstowe, Harwich and Ipswich with the Rivers Stour, Orwell and Deben.

A.    Continuation of River Stour.

B.    Ipswich.

C.   Continuation of River Deben.

3231 Taiwan – West Coast, Hai-K’ou P’o-Ti to Chiu Kang P’o-Ti. 12/08/2021
3384 United States – Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi River, New Orleans to Baton Rouge. 12/08/2021
4782 Canada – Quebec – Fleuve Saint Laurent/St Lawrence River, Ile du Bic au/to Cap de la Tete au Chien. 12/08/2021

Reproduction of Japan Coast Guard Chart


JP127 Nippon Sto Naikai, East Entrance of Kanmon Kaikyo and Approaches. 12/08/2021

ADMIRALTY Chart Independently Withdrawn


3319 England – East Coast, River Thames, Tower Bridge to Teddington. 29/07/2021