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New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 12th August 2021
905 International Chart Series, Denmark – Kattegat, Randers Fjord.
A Randers.
B Udbyhoj.
C Kaeften.
918 Indonesia, Ports on the North Coast of Jawa.
A  Approaches to Semarang.
B Semarang.
C Cirebon.
D Suralaya.
E Merak.
F Cigading.
1760 Taiwan Strait, Southern Part. 12/08/2021
2409 Taiwan – West Coast, Kaohsiung Kang to Fang-Yuan Po-Ti including P’eng-Hu Ch’Un-Tao. 12/08/2021
2693 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, Approaches to Felixstowe, Harwich and Ipwich with the Rivers Stour, Orwell and Deben.
A Continuation of River Stour.
B Ipswich.
C Continuation of River Deben.
3231 Taiwan – West Coast, Hai-K’ou P’o-Ti to Chiu Kang P’o-Ti. 12/08/2021
3384 United States – Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi River, New Orleans to Baton Rouge. 12/08/2021
4782 Canada – Quebec – Fleuve Saint-Laurent/St. Lawrence River, Ile du Bic au/to Cap de la Tete au Chien. 12/08/2021
Reproductions of Japan Coast Guard Charts
JP127 Nippon, Seto Naikai, East Entrance of Kanmon Kaikyo and Approaches. 05/08/2021
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publications to be Published 12th August 2021
NP64 & e-NP64 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions. Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Pilot, 20th Edition (2021) 12/08/2021
NP204-22 ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, Volume 4 2022, South Pacific Ocean (including Tidal Stream Tables) 2022. 12/08/2021
NP234(B) & e-NP234(B) ADMIRALTY Cumulative List of Notices to Mariners – June 2021. 12/08/2021
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 26th August 2021
205 International Chart Series, Greece and Albania, Approaches to Nisos Kerkyra and Nisoi Paxoi.
Voreio Steno Kerkyras.
1112 France – North Coast, Cherbourg. 26/08/2021
1114 France – North Coast, Approaches to Cherbourg, Cap de la Hague to Pointe de Barfleur. 26/08/2021
1271 Korea – West Coast, Daesan Hang, Pyeongtaek – Dangjin Hang and Incheon New Port.
A Daesan Hang.
B Pyeongtaek – Dangjin Hang.
C Incheon New Port.
1324 Argentina, Rio Parana Sheet 2.
A Continuation of the Rio Parana.
B Puerto Zarate.
C Puerto Campana.
1325 Argentina, Rio Parana Sheet 3. 26/08/2021
1326 Argentina, Rio Parana Sheet 4. 26/08/2021
1327 Argentina, Rio Parana Sheet 5.
A Continuation of Rio Parana.
B Puerto Bunge-Ramallo.
C Puerto Ingeniero Buitrago.
1328 Argentina, Rio Parana Sheet 6.
A Continuation of Rio Parana.
B Puerto Ingeniero Acevedo.
1339 Argentina – Uruguay, Rio de la Plata and Rio Parana. 26/08/2021
1340 Argentina, Rio Parana, Rio Parana Guazu and Pasaje Talavera. 26/08/2021
2075 International Chart Series, Baltic Sea, Hiiumaa to Saaristomeri. 26/08/2021
2243 Black Sea – Ukraine, Odesa, Chornomors’k and Approaches.
A Odesa.
B Chornomors’k.
C Approaches to Chornomors’k.
3365 International Chart Series, Korea, South West Coast, Geomundo to Daeheuksan Gundo and Jejudo.
Jeiu Hang.
Reproduction of German Government Charts
DE42 International Chart Series, North Sea and Baltic Sea, Germany, Nord-Ostsee-Kanal (Kiel Canal).
A Brunsbuttel to Hohenhorn.
B Hohenhorn to Kiel.
C Brunsbuttel.
D Kiel.
E Rendsburg.
DE44 International Chart Series, North Sea, Germany, Entrance to River Elbe.
DE47 International Chart Series, North Sea – Germany, River Elbe, Brokdorf to Wedel.
Butzfleth and Stadersand.
ADMIRALTY Charts Independently Withdrawn
AUS170 Australia – Tasmania, Mercury Passage. 12/08/2021
AUS172 Australia – Tasmania, Port of Hobart. 12/08/2021
AUS174 Australia – Tasmania, Plans in Tasmania (Sheet 4). 12/08/2021
AUS175 Australia – Tasmania, Spring Bay, Including Triabunna. 12/08/2021