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New ADMIRALTY Chart Published 19th August 2021
3224 International Chart Series, Portugal – West Coast, Approaches to Sines.
A Sines.
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 19th August 2021
1126 China – East Coast, Luojia Shan to Xiangshan Gang. 19/08/2021
1719 China – Taiwan Strait, Shenhu Wan to Dongding Dao. 19/08/2021
1759 China – Dong Hai, Wenzhou Wan to Ningbo Gang. 19/08/2021
2501 Scotland – West Coast, Summer Isles. 19/08/2021
2504 Scotland – West Coast, Lochinver and Approaches. Lochinver. 19/08/2021
3892 China – Nan Hai, Beihai Gang to Hailingshan Gang including Qiongzhou Haixia. 19/08/2021
Reproductions of Australian Government Charts
AUS171 Australia – South Coast, Tasmania, Hobart to Norfolk Bay. Bowen Bridge. 23/07/2021
AUS173 Australia, Tasmania, d’Entrecasteaux Channel. 23/07/2021
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publications to be Published 19th August 2021
NP41 & e-NP41 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions. Japan Pilot Volume 1 13th Edition (2021). 19/08/2021
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 2nd September 2021
1872 North Sea, Dunkerque to Vlissingen.
1873 International Chart Series, North Sea, Dunkerque to Oostende. 02/09/2021
1874 International Chart Series, North Sea, Westerschelde, Oostende to Westkapelle.
A Brugge.
B Zeebrugge Achterhaven.
2277 International Chart Series, Baltic Sea – Latvia, Approaches to Ventspils. 02/09/2021
2290 England – South Coast, River Exe and Approaches including Exeter Canal.
Continuation to Exeter.
Exmouth Dock.
3484 Indonesia, Philippine Islands and Adjacent Seas, Mindoro Strait to Molucca Sea. 02/09/2021
4413 Philippine Islands, Subic Bay to Jintotolo Island. 02/09/2021
4416 Philippine Islands, Jintotolo Island to Coronado Point. 02/09/2021
4417 Philippine Islands, Ungay Point to Cauit Point. 02/09/2021
New Edition of ADMIRALTY Leisure Folio
SC5603 Falmouth to Hartland Point including the Isles of Scilly.
A Lizard Point to Hartland Point.
B Porthallow to Porthoustock.
5603.2 A Falmouth to Penzance.
B Porthleven.
C Mullion Cove.
5603.3 A Penzance to Saint Ives.
B Longships.
C Runnel Stone.
5603.4 A Pendeen to Penhale Point.
B Saint Ives.
5603.5 A Newquay to Padstow.
B Newquay.
C Padstow.
D Port Isaac.
5603.6 Plans on the South Coast of Cornwall.
A Helford River.
B Helford River – Continuation to Gweek.
C Coverack.
D Cadgwith.
5603.7 A Penzance Bay.
B Mousehole.
C Newlyn.
D Penzance.
5603.8 Isles of Scilly – Southern Part.
5603.9 Isles of Scilly – Northern Part.
5603.10 Isles of Scilly – Saint Agnes to Saint Mary’s Pool.
5603.11 Isles of Scilly – Saint Mary’s Pool to Tresco.
5603.12 Isles of Scilly – Saint Martin’s and the Eastern Isles.
5603.13 A Falmouth Harbour.
B Upper reaches of the Percuil River.
C Penryn Harbour.
5603.14 Land’s End to Isles of Scilly.
5603.15 Falmouth to Isles of Scilly and Port Isaac to Hartland Point.
A Falmouth to Isles of Scilly
B Port Isaac to Bude Bay.
C Bude Bay to Hartland Point.
Reproductions of Australian Government Charts
AUS255 Australia – East Coast, Queensland, Approaches to Abbot Point.
Abbot Point Wharf.
AUS318 Australia – North West Coast, Western Australia, Pelican Island to Penguin Shoal.
Cambridge Gulf.
Reproduction of German Government Charts
DE91 International Chart Series, North Sea, Germany and Netherlands, River Ems, Dukegat to Emssperrwerk (Ems Flood Barrier) Emden. 02/09/2021
Intention to Withdraw Charts
4750 Canada, New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick, Saint John Harbour and Approaches / et les Approaches. 16/09/2021