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Mariners’ Routeing Guide and Port Approach Guides for the Panama Canal have been updated to support maritime trade in the region.

New edition charts to assist mariners’ transition through the Panama Canal are now available covering the canal’s southern and northern entrance.
The three charts, which are part of our ADMIRALTY Thematic and planning chart portfolio, are:

  • 5504 Mariners’ Routeing Guide Approaches to the Panama Canal
  • 8006 Port Approach Guide – Panama Canal, Pacific Entrance
  • 8007 Port Approach Guide – Panama Canal, Atlantic Entrance

The new editions include updates to anchorage areas, buoyage, channel limits, dredged depths and changes to harbour areas.
And all three charts have also been enhanced with a schematic diagram of the Panama Locks to provide a visual representation for the entire canal, with detailed information about the locks.

The charts are now available to order. Please contact customerservices@poseidonnavigation.com