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New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 6th January 2022
130 International Chart Series, North Sea, Netherlands, Approaches to Scheveningen.
345 China – South China Sea, Daya Wan, Huizhou Gang. 6/1/2022
547 Brazil – Southern Coast, Porto de Itajaí.

A Continuation of Porto de Itajaí.

B Navegantes Terminal.

1534 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, Great Yarmouth and Approaches.
A Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour.
B Great Yarmouth Haven.
1535 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, Lowestoft and Approaches.
Lowestoft Harbour.
2532 International Chart Series, Denmark and Germany, Lillebælt Southern Part.
A Nakkebølle Fjord.
B Faaborg.
C Marstal.
D Æøskøbing.
2592 International Chart Series, Denmark, Lillebælt Northern Part.
A Assens.
2639 Indonesia, Ports and Terminals on the South East Coast of Kalimantan.
A Balikpapan.
B Bekapai Oilfield and Senipah Oil Terminal.
C Approaches to Balikpapan.
3736 International Chart Series, The Kingdom of Bahrain, Mina’ Salman and Approaches. 6/1/2022
3928 Korea – West Coast, Approaches to Mokpo. 6/1/2022
Reproductions of Australian Government Charts
AUS252 Australia – East Coast, Queensland, Whitsunday Group.                Laguna Quays. 10/12/2021
AUS349 Australia – South Coast, Victoria, Cape Nelson to Port Phillip. 10/12/2021
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publications to be Published 6th January 2022
NP31 & e-NP31 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions  China Sea Pilot Volume 2  15th Edition (2021) 6/1/2022
NP82 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals   Volume J, 2nd Edition (2022)  Western Side of the North Atlantic Ocean  from Maine to Cabo Orange, including Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and Panama Canal 6/1/2022
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 20th January 2022
151 International Chart Series, France – South Coast, Port of Marseille. 20/1/2022
1303 China – East Coast, Zhoushan Qundao, Nanhui Zui to Huoshan Liedao. 20/1/2022
1304 China – East Coast, Zhoushan Qundao, Huoshan Liedao to Luotou Shuidao. 20/1/2022
1603 China – Chang Jiang, Inner Approaches to Shanghai. 20/1/2022
3363 China – South Coast , Zhanjiang Gang Southern Part. 20/1/2022
3364 China – South Coast, Zhanjiang Gang Northern Part. 20/1/2022
Reproductions of Indian Government Charts
IN2075 International Chart Series, India – West Coast, Tuticorin Harbour.  Approaches to Tuticorin. 20/1/2022