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New Reproductions of Indian Government Charts

INT 7341

International Chart Series, India – West Coast, Gulf of Kachchh, Sikka Creek.
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 04 April 2024
131 Ports on the West Coast of Italy.

A Porto Di Piombino.

B Canale De Piombino.

C Vada.

D Rada Di Portoferraio.

E Porto S.Stefano.

331 Brazil – North Coast , Approaches to Porto de Belém and Porto de Vila do Conde.

A Porto De Belém.

B Porto Vila Do Conde

2011 Wales – Anglesey, Holyhead Harbour.

INT 1752

International Chart Series, France – North Coast, La Seine, Le Havre to Rouen.

A Honfleur to Tancarville.

B Tancarville to Rouen.

C Port de Rouen.

D Continuation at same scale Port De Rouen.

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 18 April 2024

INT 1317

International Chart Series, Sweden – West Coast, Göteborg.

A Hake Fjord to Älvsborgsfjorden.

B Göta Älv.


INT 1316

International Chart Series, Sweden – West Coast, Approaches to Göteborg.



INT 1315

International Chart Series – Sweden – West Coast, Marstrand.

A Marstrand.

B Kyrkesund.



Black Sea – Turkey, Eregli to Amasra.

A Amasra.

B Bartin Limani.

C Zonguldak.

D Eregli.


INT 1641

International Chart Series – England – West Coast, Ports in Morecambe Bay.

A River Lune and Approaches to Heysham.

B Approaches to Fleetwood.

C Fleetwood.

D Heysham.

E Glasson.

2644 China – Bo Hai, Huanghua Gang Gangchi.
2650 China – Bo Hai, Huanghua Gang and Approaches.

INT 1326

International Chart Series, Sweden – East Coast, Åhus to Karlshamn.

A Elleholm.

B Pukavik.

C Åhus.

D Sölvesborg.

E Hällevik.

F Torsö.

G Nogersund.

H Hörvik.

I Krokås.

J Hanö.

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts to be Published 18 April 2024


A Cromer to Wells-Next-the-Sea.

B Wells-Next-The-Sea.



A Approaches to Blyth.

B Blyth.

C Entrance to River Tees.