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New ADMIRALTY Charts Reproductions of German Government charts to be Published 14th April 2022


DE28 International Chart Series, Baltic Sea – Germany and Denmark, Kalkgrund to Schleimunde. 14/04/2022

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 14th April 2022


536 England – South Coast, Beachy Head to Dungeness. Sovereign Harbour. 14/04/2022
918 Indonesia, Ports on the North Coast of Jawa.

A.    Approaches to Semarang.

B.    Semarang.

C.   Cirebon.

D.   Suralaya.

E.    Merak.

F.    Cigading.

1276 Colombia – North Coast, Bahia Santa Marta to Punta Canoas. Puerto Zuniga. 14/04/2022
1612 North Sea, Harbour and Anchorages on the East Coast of England and Scotland.

A.    Scarborough Bay.

B.    Scarborough Harbour.

C.   Approaches to Whitby.

D.   Whitby Harbour.

E.    Runswick Bay.

F.    North Sunderland Harbour.

G.   Holy Island Harbour.

H.   Berwick Harbour.

I.      Eyemouth Harbour.

1968 Taiwan Strait. 14/04/2022
2207 Scotland – West Coast, Point of Ardnamurchan to the Sound of Sleat. 14/04/2022
2208 Scotland – West Coast, Mallaig to Canna Harbour. 14/04/2022

New Editions ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts Published 14th April 2022


5604_3 English Channel, Cherbourg to Guernsey. 14/04/2022
5604_4 English Channel, Guernsey to Jersey. 14/04/2022

Reproductions of Australian Government Charts


AUS780 Australia – South Coast, South Australia, Althorpe Islands to Backstairs Passage. 18/03/2022

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 28th April 2022


1193 International Chart Series, Mediterranean Sea, Spain – East Coast, Tarragona. 28/04/2022
1258 Korea – West Coast, Gyeongnyeolbi Yeoldo to Daecheong Gundo. 28/04/2022
1270 International Chart Series, Korea – West Coast, Ando to Incheon Hang. Yeongheung Sudo. 28/04/2022
1731 International Chart Series, Spain – West Coast, Vigo. 28/04/2022
1784 China – South Coast, Guang’ao Wan to Jieshi Wan. 28/04/2022
1792 China – South East Coast, Approaches to Shantou Including Chaozhou Gang. 28/04/2022
2243 Black Sea – Ukraine, Odesa, Chornomors’k and Approaches.

A.    Odesa.

B.    Chornomors’k.

C.   Approaches to Chornomors’k.

2403 Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, Singapore Strait and Eastern Approaches. 28/04/2022
2435 South China Sea, Pulau-Pulau Anambas. 28/04/2022
2735 International Chart Series, Iceland – South West Coast, Reykjavik. 28/04/2022
2869 South China Sea, Outer Approaches to Singapore Strait. 28/04/2022
2938 Iceland – East Coast, Reyoarjorour. 28/04/2022
3482 International Chart Series, South China Sea – South West Part, Singapore Strait to Song Sai Gon. 28/04/2022
3831 Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, Singapore Strait, Eastern Part. 28/04/2022
8121 Port Approach Guide, Istanbul.

A.    Approaches to Istanbul.

B.    Halic (The Golden Horn).

C.   Haydarpasa Limani.

CP1 Panama – North Coast, Panama Canal, Atlantic Entrance including Adjacent Ports.

Puerto de Cristobal.


New Editions of ADMIRLATY Small Craft Charts to be Published 28th April 2022


5616_17 A.    Loch Hourn.

B.    Continuation of Loch Hourn.

C.   Inverie Bay.

D.   Mallaig Harbour.

5616_18 A.    Kyle Akin.

B.    Loch Alsh.

C.   Upper Loch Carron.


New Editions Reproductions of Australian Government Charts


AUS347 Australia – South Coast, South Australia, Backstairs Passage to Cape Martin. 28/04/2022